Limited Edition Customs for Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 8

With the 8th installment of the Mushroom Jazz series by DJ Mark Farina premiering on July 22nd, you can secure your copy of MJ8 by preordering everything from signed vinyls, CDs, posters and limited edition MJ8 Tracks V10 through Watch Mark Farina’s unboxing of his new Mushroom Jazz Eight’s Tracks V10 as he autographs them for the limited edition preorder bundles via pledgemusic. Preorder yours … Continue reading Limited Edition Customs for Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 8

Breakfast with Father

Musicians, deejays, producers and emcees bring the clubs, bars and festivals to life in the twilight hours. As we are always on the lookout to see them in a different light, the bright light of day, SOL REPUBLIC asks our favorites to hang out with us for breakfast. This installment of our Breakfast series has us hanging with Father, on the occasion of his first visit to San Francisco this spring. You know Father, he’s the producer wunderkind out of Atlanta and his been involved in Pretty Boy Satan, L1L DIDDY, Boys and Girls Club, Young Hot Ebony, and Brawl over the last few years. Continue reading Breakfast with Father