Artist Spotlight: Wild West Side

When it comes to mixing music with art, this combination is definitely not new to Bay area artist, painter, and animator, Arik Ehle, also known as Wild West Side. Arik has been working full time at Pixar Animation Studios for the last 15 years and on the side, he makes beautiful sculptures and taxidermy. One of our favorites is a piece called “Springbok Rock” which … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Wild West Side

Dia De los Muertos with Jesse “Urban Aztec” Hernandez

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, this Halloween season we’re really excited to be collaborating with Jesse Hernandez who will be designing exclusive SOL bands for the spooky holiday. While Hernandez is not new to working with us, he’s created an edition of “Urban Aztec”  headphone bands around a year ago but check out the interview below as we catch up him … Continue reading Dia De los Muertos with Jesse “Urban Aztec” Hernandez

Why great product design matters


Award-Winning product designer Greg McNamara discusses social anthropology and finding what’s timeless in a trend.  “[Product designers] touch and shape every single part of your day; they are a constant presence in your life. Your smartphone, glasses, activity tracker—someone made them, worrying over the details that turned those things into indispensable companions.”  — Scott Dadich, Wired Magazine, 9/30/14 Good design shapes how we interact with the world and is central to improving our daily lives. Apple was not … Continue reading WHY GREAT PRODUCT DESIGN MATTERS

why great sound matters

Why Great Sound Matters.

We all have our favorite songs — the ones that touch us, move us, inspire us. A good soundtrack can help us run faster, jump higher, and go farther. Great music illuminates the mystery of emotion and tells a story; our story. At SOL REPUBLIC we call this your Soundtrack Of Life (SOL). We even named our company after it. The power of music is undeniable. … Continue reading Why Great Sound Matters.