Headphones Vs. Earphones Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure whether to get them headphones or earphones? Not sure what the difference is? We’ve got you covered! Here are 3 things to help you decide when shopping between SOL REPUBLIC earphones and headphones this holiday season.

#1 In-Ears, earphones, earbuds.. they’re all the same thing.

When we refer to earphones/in-ears/earbuds, basically what we mean is hey, these go IN your ears (mind blown).

When shopping for in-ears, think about what you or the person you’re gifting them to, will mostly use it for. Are they going to the gym often? Do they need them mostly for commuting and calls? Can they handle connecting (or having you connect) to bluetooth on their phone/computer?

Our #1 pick of bluetooth in-ears for the active person is Relays Sport Wireless. They don’t fall out, they’re sweat resistant and you can take calls from them while you’re on the go.


We’re not all gym rats and that’s okay. For the person on your list that cares more about their sound & style, we recommend Shadow Wireless as their all day music, fashion & bluetooth companion.


#2 On-ear vs. Over ear headphones. It’s all in the shape of the sound engine!

You can tell the difference between on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones by simply looking at the shape of the ear cushions. Take our Tracks HD2 for example. The sound engines aka ear cushions aka where the sound comes out of, feature a circular design that allows the leather to rest on your ears.

When you compare the on-ear Tracks HD2 to the over-ear Master Tracks or Calvin Harris’s Master Tracks XC, you can easily see how the shape of the over-ears look more like the shape of your actual ear and is designed to comfortably cover your entire ear. The extra large around-ear cushions make these headphones the #1 pick for music creators or music lovers who really want to immerse themselves in the music.

#3 No matter the style, SOL REPUBLIC adjusts to fit you.

Our in-ear options all come complete with a variety of ear tips to help you get the proper seal in your ear. With the proper seal, you’ll be able to hear the full energy in your music, feel the bass and most importantly, keep the earphones secure in your ear.

AmpsAir EarTipSizes

With all of our on-ear and over-ear options, the sound engines easily slide up and down the headband to adjust to the size of your head. The sound engines also come completely off for easy storage and cleaning. You can even mix and match any of the sound engines with any of our virtually indestructible headbands and cables to create your own unique style.

giphy (8)

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