Amir Obè: NOTCW Listening Experience

After closing out 2016 with a new deal with Def Jam Recordings, rapper, Amir Obè released his latest EP None of the Clocks Work in March 2017. His first major label release, the seven-track EP is full of sensitive songwriting and is a follow up to his last project Happening In The Gray Area.

In honor of the release, we teamed up with the rapper for a one of a kind listening experience across three major cities to premiere his music to hardcore fans and industry tastemakers.

The event featured intimate listening stations with visual art installations to bring the music to life. Amir joined the sessions to interact with fans, answer questions and experience his music from a different angle.

A Detroit native now living in New York City, Amir has big plans for his career. Currently on his 2017 CLØCKS TØUR, he also has plans of starting his own label so he can put other people on. He continues to work on new music which he plans to release throughout the year.

On Tour

With 7 stops on his CLØCKS TØUR, Amir Obè has been hitting stages across the US including Oakland, Los Angeles, New York City, Philly, Detroit and Chicago.


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