Photo taken by Sebastian Maldonado

4 Reasons Why You Should See JMSN Live

Detroit native, JMSN (pronounced Jameson) is currently on tour playing in intimate venues across the United States before heading overseas on his European tour playing tracks from his fourth album, Whatever Makes U Happy that dropped last month.

We couldn’t miss his show when he came to San Francisco for the second stop of the Drinkin’ With JMSN tour. If music makes you happy (like it does for us) catch a JMSN show at a city near you.


Here are 4 reasons why we enjoyed his set:

#1 – The Instruments

While many live acts today compose of a vocalist and a DJ pressing play in the background, the Drinkin’ With JMSN Tour goes the opposite route. Mostly because JMSN isn’t just a vocalist. Every song on Whatever Makes U Happy is written, produced, engineered and mixed by him. Leading a 4-piece band, JMSN takes the stage with someone on the keys, a drummer & a bass guitarist while he strums on his own guitar.


#2 – The rhythm and blues

In a sea of auto-tuned artists, JMSN is a refreshing reminder of the 1990s R&B we grew up listening to. From his soulful voice, gut-wrenching bass lines and smooth dance moves, JMSN takes you on a ride from the beginning to end of his set with his own funky neo-soul style.


#3 – The Passion

JMSN started recording music at 12 years old and by 18, he’d been a part of several musical projects and released music under different names including Pearl, Christian TV and Snowhite. This gives us just a taste of how much he has dedicated his life to music.  But ACTUALLY seeing this man on stage, you can FEEL the passion he has for his art. From his dance moves (we’re convinced the power comes from his hips), to his guitar riffs and vocals, he has this essence on stage that is infectious.


#4 – The Interaction

At each stop on his tour, there’s a custom Drinkin’ With JMSN Snapchat filter. He encourages fans to use the filter and send snaps to him. The fun part about that is JMSN actually responds to you via Snapchat. As artists continue to grow and they get slammed with trolls & DMs on social media, this one-on-one interaction gets more and more rare. However there is proof that JMSN actually looks at your snaps and responds to them and real fans long for that type of interaction. No matter how big or little the response is, it’s the THOUGHT & time that leaves an impact on live music goers.


We’ve teamed up with JMSN to give you TWO chances to win some exclusive swag and ONE opportunity to attend his LA show.


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2. On The Tour: Snapchat Filter

If you’re attending any of the stops along the Drinkin’ With JMSN tour, use the Snapchat filter and be sure to save it to your phone. Then head to Instagram, post your video or picture and share using #drinkinwithjmsn and #SOLREPUBLIC. One lucky winner will receive an autographed pair of our red Tracks HD2 headphones.

3. Two Tickets to Los Angeles Show

Stay tuned for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Drinkin’ With JMSN Tour stop in Los Angeles on June 16th.

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*Featured photo taken by: Sebastian Maldonado


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