Pairing Amps Air Like A Pro

Master the truly wireless life with these pro-tips on how to pair our Amps Air to your phone in mono, stereo, how to switch between the two modes and all you need to know about the indicator lights on the buds and charging case.


Pairing Amps Air To Your iPhone

Pairing Amps Air To Your Android Device

Play & Pause Your Music

With a single tap, you can play and pause your music using either multi-function button.


Activating Siri / Google Assist

Double tap the multi-function button to activate Siri or Google Assist. Tell Siri/Google to turn the volume up, skip the track or start a call.


Charging Your Phone With The Amps Air Case

Open the side door on the right side of the charging case to find the outlets for USB & Micro-USB. Plug any USB power cord into the USB outlet and your device will begin charging. Use the Micro-USB for when the case needs to be charged back up.


Need more detail?

Keep scrolling for tutorial videos specific to your Apple or Android device.

Apple Device Videos

iPhone – Pair Amps Air In Stereo Mode

iPhone – Pair Amps Air In Mono Mode

iPhone – Pair Amps Air from Mono to Stereo

iPhone – Pair Amps Air Without Case

iPhone – Amps Air Indicator Lights

Android Device Videos

Android – Pair Amps Air In Stereo Mode

Android – Pair Amps Air In Mono Mode

Android – Pair Amps Air From Mono to Stereo

Android – Pair Amps Air Without Case

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30 thoughts on “Pairing Amps Air Like A Pro

  1. I’ve had the same problems as most with pairing. My solution was to tell the phone to forget the amps 2.0, then start again. Worked first time.


  2. i have the same problem on mono connection but resolved it after 3 tries of the below steps.

    1. Turn off Bluetooth on your device, forget device
    2. Take earbuds out of your case
    3. Press and hold Sol Button for 3 seconds on both earbuds to turn them
    4. Quick press multi-function button once on earbuds to turn them on
    5. Quick press multi-function button twice on both earbuds to put them into
    pairing mode and reconnect to each other
    6. Turn on Bluetooth on your device, find new device
    7. Pair to “Amps Air”


  3. The sound is good. The technical problems of the amps air (original) are a nightmare.

    I mean, you can’t even put them into device pairing mode manually. I swap between devices a lot. I just want to be able to pair them to another device without having to shut down the Bluetooth on the first one.

    The fact that if you take one bud out of the case a second or two behind the other means that they won’t pair to each other is a nightmare.

    I really hope that v2 is better.

    I won’t be buying more but that’s a lot because t he just don’t stay securely in my ears. But that’s a common problem for across all earbuds. No one has solved it no matter what they say.


  4. I also had a problem with the units not pairing. After a waiting period of 5 weeks, my new pair finally arrived. So far they are working fine. I am very happy with the sound quality and would still recommend them.


  5. Update on my comment yesterday. Got through to Sol Republic customer support, they were very helpful . They told me what to do to pair the earbuds together, it was hit and miss, but after several tries they did pair and are remaining paired. Was impressed by the companies responsiveness and support. Now they are working I can recommend them. They fit securely and block out a lot more noise than the Apple air pods – perhaps between 40% to 50%. They are comfortable unless worn for several hours. Want to try them with Comply foam isolation tips, I believe Comply make tips for this model. Case fits nicely in my jacket pocket and, unlike the Jabra Elite 65t, the case is magnetic. And I don’t think there are Comply tips for the Jabra Elite. The case also has a very good, solid, well built feel. Listening two hours a day, can likely go several weeks without needing to recharge.


  6. I’m having exactly the same issue on my iPhone 6S Plus. Two friends also could not get the Amp Airs to work with their Android devices. It only plays mono. What sort of quality testing did Sol Republic do?


  7. I am about to return my 5th pair of these pieces of crap, except this time I will demand a refund rather than accept an exchange! Yet again they fail to pair with my phone or connect in any way, not even mono.

    When they work they are ok but come on 5 pairs stop working with the exact same issue and don’t start me on the non existent customer customer service.

    Never ever again will I give my money to this shower of s#%t company, my only hope is they go out of business as it’s all they deserve. Shoddy product from a shoddy company.


  8. I am surprised to read all of the above comments!
    I’m sorry to hear about anyone with issues…

    I am a very happy customer and I would buy another pair anytime.
    I do not pay retail, ever. With that said, I saw them at FM for 150.00 intriguing my curiosity and I found them for 45-75 at that price they are a steal!

    I’m a music addict, I’ve used just about all of the headphones, earbuds, studio monitors, any speakers on the market.
    ..anywhere I can find them or put them and put them to work =)
    PS I am interested in getting another pair, anyone??


  9. I am having the same problem as everybody else: I cannot pair the two headphones. Only one bud will play at a time, cannot get stereo sound and don’t know how to fix this problem. Is there something I can do to get these headphones to work properly?


  10. apparently i have the same problem as everyone – after a couple of months they will no longer pair! and there doesn’t seem to be any solution!!! incredibly frustrating and expensive for nothing


  11. The freaking god damn buds won’t sync together. The right earbud keeps going into mono mode. There is just no way to troubleshoot this issue. Don’t even buy these headphones. They charge you $200 for a mono experience. They are just taking advantage of early adopters.


    1. Just remove the Amps Mono profile from your phone, they wont connect anymore. Then pair them together by (quick) double-clicking them and wait for the beeps to synch. Then you’ll get the ready to pair message , then you can pair to your phone with Amps Air (not Amps Mono). I always start the left earbud first to make sure the right one connects to it as soon as it is powered.


      1. That was really helpful Phil. Thank you so much. Tomorrow i was going to return because of no stereo mode get refund and go for airpods. But at the same time I really liked amps air. Its really awsome in stereo. Gonna keep it now. Cheers


      2. Thanks Phil, I had given up on these earphones , experiencing the same problems as everyone else, but your double click solution solved it.


      3. I’ve had my Sols for over a now without an issue, but last night they decided not to pair together. thanks to your post Phil the problem was resolved quickly, THANK YOU ….


  12. I purchased the buds and I am already having trouble getting them to pair. I do not understand the problem, is the company listening to the us. Solve the known issue!


  13. Hello, Ibught the air amps 3 days ago, and i put them in the charging case for over 24 hours and they still didn’t charge. the led indicators appear red when i drop it in to the case but it turn of after a few seconds.
    Thank you for helping.


  14. I had the same issue. I followed all the indications, but both amps don’t connect anymore, just functioning in mono mode each one. Please help


  15. I follow all the steps and these dang buds will not pair together only 1 bud will will play sound. I have a lemon….. What going wrong???


  16. I must say Sol Republic’s customer support is the worst I’ve ever experienced! My Amp Airs which I purchased only 3 months before will not pair with each other anymore. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions from on line yet still they will not connect to each other. I reached out to Sol Republic and Sol Republic Japan customer support and I never received any reply and it’s been 1 month since I first contacted support. I am very angry I purchased this product. The sales person where I bought the Amp Airs was trying to give me good advice suggesting the Amp Airs have some problem I made the mistake of not taking his advice. It’s a shame that such great design is wasted by using cheap components and Sol Republic staffing seems to use the same model. Potentially great company wasted by a lack of vision. If only things were done right at Sol Republic!


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