Pairing Amps Air Like A Pro

Master the truly wireless life with these pro-tips on how to pair our Amps Air to your phone in mono, stereo, how to switch between the two modes and all you need to know about the indicator lights on the buds and charging case.


Pairing Amps Air To Your iPhone

Pairing Amps Air To Your Android Device

Play & Pause Your Music

With a single tap, you can play and pause your music using either multi-function button.


Activating Siri / Google Assist

Double tap the multi-function button to activate Siri or Google Assist. Tell Siri/Google to turn the volume up, skip the track or start a call.


Charging Your Phone With The Amps Air Case

Open the side door on the right side of the charging case to find the outlets for USB & Micro-USB. Plug any USB power cord into the USB outlet and your device will begin charging. Use the Micro-USB for when the case needs to be charged back up.


Need more detail?

Keep scrolling for tutorial videos specific to your Apple or Android device.

Apple Device Videos

iPhone – Pair Amps Air In Stereo Mode

iPhone – Pair Amps Air In Mono Mode

iPhone – Pair Amps Air from Mono to Stereo

iPhone – Pair Amps Air Without Case

iPhone – Amps Air Indicator Lights

Android Device Videos

Android – Pair Amps Air In Stereo Mode

Android – Pair Amps Air In Mono Mode

Android – Pair Amps Air From Mono to Stereo

Android – Pair Amps Air Without Case

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7 thoughts on “Pairing Amps Air Like A Pro

  1. I purchased the buds and I am already having trouble getting them to pair. I do not understand the problem, is the company listening to the us. Solve the known issue!


  2. Hello, Ibught the air amps 3 days ago, and i put them in the charging case for over 24 hours and they still didn’t charge. the led indicators appear red when i drop it in to the case but it turn of after a few seconds.
    Thank you for helping.


  3. I had the same issue. I followed all the indications, but both amps don’t connect anymore, just functioning in mono mode each one. Please help


  4. I follow all the steps and these dang buds will not pair together only 1 bud will will play sound. I have a lemon….. What going wrong???


  5. I must say Sol Republic’s customer support is the worst I’ve ever experienced! My Amp Airs which I purchased only 3 months before will not pair with each other anymore. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions from on line yet still they will not connect to each other. I reached out to Sol Republic and Sol Republic Japan customer support and I never received any reply and it’s been 1 month since I first contacted support. I am very angry I purchased this product. The sales person where I bought the Amp Airs was trying to give me good advice suggesting the Amp Airs have some problem I made the mistake of not taking his advice. It’s a shame that such great design is wasted by using cheap components and Sol Republic staffing seems to use the same model. Potentially great company wasted by a lack of vision. If only things were done right at Sol Republic!


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