The Life of a DJ Mom with DJ Gina Turner

It’s not easy being a Mom, DJ, producer, yogi and wife but DJ Gina Turner makes it look easy. Wife of fellow Savior of Sound and DJ, Laidback Luke, mother of 3 year old EvaLina, Gina is always on the go either touring the world teaching yoga with The Divine Movement or getting parties going with her house DJ sets. Get to know how she does it all and what it’s like balancing work, life and family in our Mother’s Day edition Artist Spotlight interview with DJ Gina Turner.

You’re a certified yogi, DJ, producer, label boss AND a new mother. What is it like raising a child with Luke in the midst of your busy work life?

It takes a lot of planning and sacrifice! But we juggle our parenting duties the best we can 💜

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Someone doesn't want me to go!

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How do you think motherhood changed you? 

It’s taught me patience and made me to a better person! I love being a mommy!

What has been the best part so far of being a parent with Luke?

Luke makes these AWESOME vlogs that are for our family only and it’s like watching reality tv! EvaLina is the star and we’re so lucky to have these memories locked in like this forever!

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Sunday fun day! Rolling with my daughter #AndFamilyGuy

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Daughter of Laidback Luke and DJ Gina Turner, baby EvaLina is a DJ in the making.

You and Luke are both very healthy and active people. How is music integrated into your yoga classes?

Funny, I always build my yoga playlists centered around the flow of the class, so warm up, cool down, grounding,  energetic poses are always lined up with similar songs… I also never plan my classes so I just vibe on the room! Same as when I dj too!

The funny thing is I never look at the clock really when I teach, I take the timing cues from the music!

What inspired you to merge your two worlds of DJing and yoga?

It happened really organically actually, I always used yoga to supplement my dancer lifestyle and then it became a tool to keep me grounded and fit on the road. So when promoters caught wind that I taught yoga as well professionally more and more festivals and nightclubs wanted it.

It wasn’t until I ran into my friend from high school, who’s a Nondual Kabbalistic Healer, Tim Rothschild (who was at the time bringing his healing work and spirituality into the radio and comedy world)  that we created the divine movement, which is an open-hearted event concept that brings all of the things we explore and cherish into a welcoming space.

You’ll be leading yoga & meditation classes at Elements Music Festival & Hard Summer Music Festival over the next couple of months… What is the experience like leading yoga & meditation classes at music festivals?

In my experience doing this with the divine movement in places like holy ship, it helps people party smarter or at least a bit safer!

When you make a commitment to do something good for your body and mind, it really benefits not only you, but the collective community of the festival!

Tell us about the #DivineSeries. How do you hope people will listen and explore this style of spirituality + dance music?

Felt really nice and natural to blend house music and spirituality! The world needs more of this! And I can’t wait to make more!!

We’ve loved having you be a part of our Savior of Sound Family since the early days of SOL REPUBLIC, which of our headphones are your go to?
Tracks HD AND the studios! I use the tracks to dj, and the studios to produce my radio like for example the divine movement podcast which is on iTunes!


And I love to use the Punk at my yoga classes!

This post on your IG made us laugh.

What has been one of the hardest parts of being a female DJ? Has any of that changed now that you’re a mom?

To be honest, the hardest thing about being a dj that’s female is the gimmick aspect of it! Can’t we just be DJs? And leave gender out of it? I love being a dj mom! It maximizes my time with my daughter!

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Let the music speak 🖤🔈 #TheDivineMovement

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What advice would you give to your daughter if she wanted to become a DJ? 


Keep up with DJ Gina Turner on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @djginaturner and stay grounded with The Divine Movement.

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