420 Vibes: Watch, Learn, Listen & Laugh

Happy 420! As you get elevated on the greenest day of the year, here’s a list of 4 things you should watch, learn, laugh, and listen to.

4 Films To Watch On Netflix

When you get stuck in the couch, turn on Netflix and pick one of these stoner certified flicks:

1. Super High Me

Based off of the documentary “Super Size Me”, comedian Doug Benson does his own experiment with weed instead of McDonalds. He goes 30 days of not smoking any weed (which we’re sure was no easy task for Mr. 420), followed by 30 days of smoking every day in all types of ways. During both periods he completes tests like the SATs, Sperm Count, Psychic ESP, Lung capacity and a few more to see how his results differ between stoned Doug and sober Doug.

2. Mac & Devin Go To High School

Starring two of raps most well known smokers, Wiz Khalifa (Devin Overstreet) and Snoop Dogg (Mac Johnson) “Mac & Devin Go To High School” is the perfect combination of music, culture and fun facts about marijuana from an animated joint that pops up throughout the movie encouraging you to take a puff. Having Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg in a film means we get TONS of cameos from Mike Epps (who plays a teacher) to Mystikal, Andy Milonakis, Mystikal, Tyga and Ty Dolla $ign.

3. The Culture High

Another documentary, “The Culture High” takes a look at the story of modern day marijuana prohibition through interviews with university professors, celebrities, former undercover agents and other interesting players in the marijuana industry. Learn and light up to “The Culture High” and educate yourself on how weed has changed over the decades.

4. Lucas Bros: On Drugs

A new stand-up comedy special that just hit Netflix in time for 420 is “Lucas Bros: On Drugs”. The Netflix special gives you a higher perspective on the war on drugs. Not just focused on marijuana, the brothers talk about everything from doing ‘shrooms to their run-ins with the police. Currently being featured on Netflix, all you really have to do is open Netflix and the Lucas Bros will be right on top.

4 Facts/Misconceptions About 420

  1. 420 is NOT police code for weed smoking in progress
  2. 420 does NOT commemorate the death and/or birth of reggae legend, Bob Marley
  3. The term 420 started in the fall of 1971 from a group of five San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos – coined from their chosen hang-out spot. When the Waldos got word of an abandoned pot farm, they would meet each other after school at 4:20 PM everyday to begin the hunt to pluck some free bud. After a while, the codeword 420 became telepathic to the Waldos and their teachers and parents would have no clue what they were talking about. The code made it’s way from one pot head to another, most notably members of The Grateful Dead who then toured the world and made the phrase popular.

4. Fun Fact: In the movie “Pulp Fiction”, every clock is set to 4:20


4 Laughs




420 Playlist

We’ve curated 4 hours and 20 minutes of tracks for you to get lifted to featuring Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Bob Marley, Cypress Hill, Ludacris and many more. Listen below:

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