Announcing Savior of Sound: Dirtyphonics

“We don’t follow rules, we create them.”

Dim Mak’s own Dirtyphonics has joined the SOL REPUBLIC Saviors of Sound family!

We are excited to welcome Charly, Pitchin and Pho to the list of artists we love that represent what it means to live, breathe and inspire people through music.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Artist Spotlight interview, custom headphone giveaway and the guys will be taking over our Instagram account on October 28th at the Escape Halloween Festival – Psycho Circus in San Bernardino, CA.

Listen to Dirtyphonics below:

Keep up with Dirtyphonics on:
Instagram – @dirtyphonics
Twitter – @dirtyphonics
Facebook – @dirtyphonics
Snapchat – @itsdirtyphonics
Youtube – @dirtyphonics

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