Meet Relays Sport Wireless – The Ultimate Sports Headphone

After 2 years of research, development and feedback from our initial launch on Indiegogo, we are excited to announce the re-release of Relays Sport Wireless – our premium, wireless sport headphone.

“Exercise and sports require much more from a headphone than listening at work does.  We found every headphone out there had one or more shortfalls and customer complaints along with it. We believe music is emotion and that if it sounds better, it feels better.  That’s incredibly important for workouts.  A great sounding pair of headphones can deliver the emotional energy from your music to help you work out harder or let the time pass faster.


We moved the electronics out of your sweaty ear for better reliability, resulting in more room for a larger battery and better electronics that improved sound and bluetooth connectivity.  We even included a quick charge circuit so if you forgot to charge your headphone, you can recharge it on your way to the gym for ten minutes and get up to an hour of playtime.” – Co-founder Kevin Lee


With Relays Sport Wireless, you’ll hear our signature deep bass and crisp sound that brings out all the emotion in your music. For outdoor exercise where the bass from your music is harder to hear over outdoor noise or the pounding sound of impact sports like running, we added an outdoor sound mode that increases the right amount of bass so everything sounds just right again.

Read the full press release here




Get Relays Sport Wireless in Mint, Lemon Lime or Black. 

6 thoughts on “Meet Relays Sport Wireless – The Ultimate Sports Headphone

  1. How do I activate Siri on the Relay sports wireless? I want to be able to activate a call, answer a call, play/stop music with voice only, whilst riding my bike. Thanks


  2. Simply the best, most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had (wireless or wired).
    The stay put without any hassle. No fancy extra ear fins necessary. I can’t even feel they are in. I get to simply relax and enjoy the music.
    Mightily impressed.
    Great sound quality, simple operation, long battery life.
    Very strong Bluetooth connection. No drop outs.
    I don’t know is why anyone would go anywhere else.
    I just love them.


  3. Where are the proper instructions for these ear buds? The booklet that came with them is a joke! I need a little more detail than that please!


      1. Hold down the “+” and middle button on the controls at the same time for 2-5 seconds and you will hear a beep. Once it’s in outdoor mode you’ll instantly hear more powerful bass in your music.


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