Artist You Should Know Spotlight: NERVO

Australia’s beloved NERVO are joining us as members of SOL’s Saviors of Sound and we couldn’t be any more excited. Fresh off releasing their new single People Grinnin’ ft The Child of Lov, the girls are staying active in all aspects of life. Check out our interview with NERVO below as we ask them about their schedules before playing every music festival, the story behind Titties Titties Yeah!, their goals as Saviors of Sound, and much, much more!

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Can you tell us what a day was like before you guys became NERVO and how it compares to now?
NERVO: Before our touring got crazy we used to work at least 6 days a week in the studio. We are very disciplined in the studio. We start at 10am and finish at around 8pm. We turn off our phones and really concentrate on our work. Sometimes it feels like we can lose days in the studio but at the end of it, it’s the biggest high replaying what you’ve just created. These days our studio days are more rushed. We do a lot of ideas on the road but we like to really lock ourselves away to get focused and creative. It’s also important for us to have sleep the night before and feel energized.

Since the single has been just released and you are coming off your first #1 album, how do you guys feel?
NERVO: We’re so happy the album and our singles are going well. It’s incredible when we turn up to a gig and people have signs with our new singles on there. We trip ourselves out that we’re doing what we love and people are feeling connected to the music we make. That’s a dream come true for us!


Tell us about the #TTY campaign and how that’s going?
NERVO: Our mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 months ago. She had stage two cancer and it had spread to her lymph nodes. They discovered her tumor through a routine mammogram. When this happened, everyone in our family were really knocked for six. No one had had cancer before and it came as a real shock. We went home quite a lot this year and last year to be with mum, help her through her operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and we even went wig shopping with her. It was only when we went home that we experienced first hand how the breast cancer community supported her. It was a very emotionally tough time for everyone and the community really helped us through it. Since then, we’ve made a conscious decision to try and give something back. We’ve started up a charity, called Titties Titties Yeah! and all of the proceeds are going towards breast cancer awareness, research and help. We launched #TTY! in October in association with Breast Cancer Awareness month and have already played a few events to support the cause!

As anointed SOL Saviors of Sound, how do you want to change the world?
NERVO: Where do we start? There are sooooooo many things we would like to do to help. It feels great to launch Titties Titties Yeah! and we will definitely do a lot more there. To supply everyone in the world with clean water would also be another goal. One day when our DJing career slows down we would really like to give back and work for charities. We are so fortunate to have experienced everything we have and it feels good to do something good.

Another SOL Savior of Sound caveat, how do you hope to change the lives of your listeners through your music?
NERVO: We hope we can give our listeners a chance to escape. On the album, there are a bunch of different records which hopefully will play out to different moods. If we can provide an escape for our listeners, that is a job well done for us.


If you had to soundtrack your life right now, what might that soundtrack sound like in 10 songs? Feel free to elaborate on why you picked those songs too.

NERVO: 1. The Prodigy- (Break the pressure): This was the first festival we ever went to in Australia. They were a hard core electronic act back then. Mim almost broke her ribs trying to get to the front row at a festival too and the lead guy was wearing yellow contact lenses which totally freaked us out.

2. Lean On – Major Lazer & DJ Snake: This record was the summer tune for 2015. We love the vibes, the production and the music video is dope.

3. It Feels – NERVO: This is one of our own tracks that we love. We love the feeling this song gives of new beginnings.

4. Haute Mess – NERVO: This is another one of our own. It is a fun, cheeky record for the dance floor.

5. Where r Ü now – Jack Ü : What a tune, Skrillex and Diplo’s production is top notch and YES we are Beliebers 😉

6. Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive: Upbeat tune that really sets the mood and puts us in a happy place. Also reminds us of Miami where we love to play and have had many great shows there!

7. Fatboy Slim – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat: This is basically our lives at the moment.

8. London Grammar – Hey Now (sasha remix): Vocals you could melt butter with and Sasha’s remix brings a dimension of deep tech (dare I say trance-y) lushness.

9. The Hills – The Weekend: 2015 was def a Weeknd year – great album and one of our favourite tracks on the album. We love the lyrics “the hills have eyes.” Sounds so creepy.

10. Solomun – Gamble on You: Bc we have to have a Solomon track and to all the fans who have taken a gamble on us from the beginning and continue to support us moving forward

11. Chunky – Format B: sexy tune – on repeat when we get ready for gigs.

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Do you have any wild stories from playing this summer’s festivals or touring from the record in general?
NERVO: Every day is a wild ride for us. We played a lot of festivals in Europe this year and they were all pretty insane. It feels like dance music is getting bigger and bigger in Europe at the moment. Spain and Italy are some of the most incredible places to play. The people are jumping, screaming and waving their hands around from the second you get on! It’s awesome!

Is there a NERVO philosophy that guides your impressive songwriting?
NERVO: It’s got to have heart, be different, and be real.

What is some advice you can give other young women trying to make it in the industry?
NERVO: Try not to let your femininity do the talking and try to always focus on the music instead. Always lead with the music.

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