If you listen to music at work, you might be doing it wrong.

Knowing when to play music and when to press pause while at work can help you to be better focused, put you in a better mood or in some cases, distract you from getting your job done.

An article posted on Inc by Tom Popomaronis investigates how music can deliver the much needed relief to get through your work day. The article breaks down several scenarios of when you should either press play or pause on your music.

Times to press play:
When it’s noisy
When you’re doing a repetitive task

Times to press pause:
When you’re learning
When you’re listening to new music

“When you listen to music that’s new to you, the activity involves an element of surprise or novelty. Your body releases dopamine in response to this “newness”, causing you to feel some degree of pleasure. That ultimately can make the music more appealing than whatever other task you’re trying to do, drawing your attention to the tune and compromising your work focus.” – via Inc.

For us, listening to new music at work (especially when it’s a banger), can cause you to want to run around the office telling everyone how amazing the track is. Be cautious, your coworkers might not be as appreciative of the interruption but feel free to interrupt us at anytime throughout your day with a new track by tweeting us. We’ll (virtually) do the running around the office with you.


Read the full article on Inc: http://on.inc.com/2avf6ee


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