Artist You Should Know: REZZ

If you haven’t heard of REZZ this summer, we’re here to change that. She’s been touring the world on her REZZURECTION 2016 Tour playing all over from California to spinning at Sunset Music Festival, Mysteryland and Red Rocks. We’re excited to welcome her to the Savior of Sound family and want YOU to get to know more about the artist behind the music.

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In the last two years, you went from learning how to produce music and DJing in high school to playing major EDM festivals around the world.   Can you tell us a little a bit about that journey? 

It’s been great, really. None of it has felt like work. I put all of my time towards my goals and it has fallen into place as I’ve given it no other option than to do so! Full dedication to my music, fans & growth.

How would you describe your music style to people?

I’d describe it as dark, slow paced, hypnotic, vibey, bass heavy & peculiar.

You played sports a lot as a kid, what made you transition into music? 

Sports was something I was good at but wasn’t passionate about. I started to realize what passion was when I began going to festivals. I fell in love with electronic music and it was only a matter of time before I realized that I, myself would be creating it.

You are recently released a track on deadmau5 label, mau5trap.   What was it like to work with deadmau5 and how did you guys meet?

deadmau5 has been very supportive of me which is something I’m extremely proud of. We met as I was opening for him in Montreal. We are both from Niagara Falls so it made it a bit easier to relate to eachother.

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Lastnight In Toronto 🌀 Hamilton tonight 👽

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What does the name REZZ mean? How did you come up with it?

My last name is “Rezazadeh”, I just made it short & simple as “REZZ “

Where did the idea of the goggles come from?

I’ve been super inspired by hypnosis and being hypnotized my music. That’s how I’ve felt at shows & in many moments in my life. I wanted it to be something to identify me & my music with. I’m hyped on the idea.

Some people have described your music to have a “movie score like quality,” are there any movies that you’ve watched that you wish you could score?

I would love to score any drug-affiliated movies. I believe my music is super suitable for those to be honest. I love “train spotting ” or “requiem for a dream”… It would be wicked to do something along those lines.

Do you have a hidden talent that not many people know about?

Not so much hidden, but I think the world would be shocked at my basketball skills. Well, I probably suck now because I don’t play anymore but I can still spin the ball on all my fingers rofl

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Hidden talents lol 📸 @larysashevchuk

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What do you do in your spare time to help you unwind?

Make music, Hang with friends, chill on my computer, listen to music,

Your songs don’t usually have any vocals in them. after working with Delaney Jane for your song Lost, do you think you’ll add vocals to more of your future songs? 

I have one with Laura Brehm comin on my next Ep 🙂 but yes there will be more of those !

We are honored to have you join our Savior of Sound Family.  How did you hear about SOL REPUBLIC and which headphones do you use?

When I first started producing my friend recommended SOL REPUBLIC. I blindly bought a pair and became totally obsessed. I only use SOL headphones. I use them for both producing and djing. Currently using master tracks! My custom ones Ofcourse 😉

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🌀🌹another pic from the weekend

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Congratulations on your first headline tour.  How has the tour been so far?   

It has been the best time of my life, ever. Every show has been phenom!!

At 21, you’ve already toured internationally and performed at some of the top music festivals.  What’s next for REZZ and what are you most excited about?   

I’m super excited to release & make more music alongside touring all over the place to new audiences around the world.

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