Artist Spotlight: DJ Mary Mac

Get to know DJ Mary Mac of NYC: sought-after female producer, MC and DJ who does it all from photography to spinning on tour with Def Jam to being the resident DJ for Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour. She was also featured in Huffington Post as one of “23 Inspiring Women Who Are Blazing Trails for the LGBT Community” in 2013.

This month she is spinning at some of the top Pride events throughout the US. To set the soundtrack for pride week in NYC and SF this week, DJ Mary Mac made us a very special SOUNDTRACK OF PRIDE playlist and tells us about her inspiration behind it, what pride means and responds to our Q&A.

Thanks for making us the playlist, SOUNDTRACK TO PRIDE. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the songs and what you wanted us to feel when we hear it?
Thank you so much for considering me. I wanted everyone to feel all different types of genres of music. Pride has no borders, colors, shapes or sizes so I wanted this playlist to reflect just that.

Which Pride celebrations can we catch you at this year?
Well I’ve already done Miami Pride and Dinah Shore, Sizzle, I’ll be doing Portland Maine Pride, New York Pride, Chicago Pride and Atlanta Pride. I think that’s it lol

What does Pride mean to you?
To me Pride means to be able to live life true to who you are without fear.

Congrats on wrapping up your tour with Madonna. What was it like being on the Rebel Heart Tour?
It was amazing and unbelievable. Thinking about my experience on tour just leaves me speechless. Never could I repeat this experience… well unless the Queen takes me on tour with her again lol.

You’ve DJ’d for a variety of celebs including Lil Jon, Ashton Kutcher, Robin Thicke, and Whitney Houston. Who was your favorite person to work with and why?
lol everyone is amazing. I love working with everybody. No celeb/ client is bigger than the next. BUT…nobody can compare to my boss *wink *wink lol

We believe that music is a time machine and can take you back. If you had five albums or songs that would make up the soundtrack of your life, what would those five be?
Oh man! ok let’s see…
Love sexy by Prince
3 feet high and rising by de la soul
Off the wall by Michael Jackson
Madonna by Madonna
Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits

You’ve travelled all over. What’s your favorite city and why?
I have to split it between Tokyo and Bangkok. The food, people and hustle bustle just keeps me captivated.

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What are three things that you can’t travel without?
Dental floss, sun glasses and my Sol Republic headphones

Where do you call home?
Long Island, NY

What was the best advice you’ve ever received and from who?
A guy named Rick from Live Nation told me “Mary Mac, save some for later”

Who do you want to Netflix and chill with and what would be the song playing?
With my wife of course lol (you guys are trying to get me in trouble lol) and it would have to be some deep house

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