Limited Edition Customs for Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 8

With the 8th installment of the Mushroom Jazz series by DJ Mark Farina premiering on July 22nd, you can secure your copy of MJ8 by preordering everything from signed vinyls, CDs, posters and limited edition MJ8 Tracks V10 through


Watch Mark Farina’s unboxing of his new Mushroom Jazz Eight’s Tracks V10 as he autographs them for the limited edition preorder bundles via pledgemusic.


Preorder yours at:

3 thoughts on “Limited Edition Customs for Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 8

  1. I got 2 copies of the vinyl and both have a defect across the first 3 tracks on the B-side. Popping with every rotation. In all seriousness it’s the worst vinyl purchase I’ve ever made. Whoever made the pressing as well as those who thought it was ok to go ahead with distribution, despite this defect, should be ashamed. Money and time wasted.


  2. Mark Farina is the KING. Having experienced Mark’s art both live and thru his recorded music, Im super stoked that he’s putting out another
    Mushroom Jazz album !!
    MJ8 is gonna be insanely awsome, I can feel it in my bones and cant wait for my autographed copy of MJ8 to arrive later this summer, damn im pumped !! Mark is by far the coolest cat mixin and if youre lucky enough to spend some time with him you’ll know what I mean, Mark’s gotta be the nicest, chillest, most balanced artist ive ever met, and ive met quite a few. Bottom line is Farina is a gift to our world and his music is a gift from the God’s……..( Bit obvious im a huge fan or what !! )
    If you know of Mark and his music then you know how incredible another Mushroom Jazz album is gonna be, but if you dont then do yourself a huge favour and start listening to his incredibly unique and intelligently magical mixes, then get yourself out to see him live……you will never forget his smile after he throws one atcha !!!! ( And his music will take you over forever…… 😊 )


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