KYLE Record Release Party @ #BrooklynPatch x SOL REPUBLIC

A month ago, West Coast rapper KYLE made his way to The Big Apple in efforts to promote his album SMYLE. Sour Patch Kids hosted his visit by providing shelter, studio space and unlimited candy for a couple of days in their Brooklyn house. On September 29th, KYLE and his crew invited their friends and fans to a listening party for the currently available record, house party style. The event was filled with catered Thai food, KYLE DJing on the couch, audio by SOL REPUBLIC and a million pieces of colorful sugar beautifully decorating the vibe of the place. Take a look at the pictures and interview below for a taste of the evening and find out KYLE’s music from the beginning, now, and to the future.

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How did you like your stay at the The Patch and just being in New York?

KYLE: The sour patch was nothing short of amazing. Everytime I’m in new york, I always stay in a shitty place. Sour patch was able to provide me with a New York experience that I have been dreaming of, a smacking house, and an endless supply of candy.

Tell us the beginning of KYLE and how it’s evolved to what it is now?

KYLE: I started writing and singing songs when I was six years old. I would sing them to myself in the backyard. It made me feel good and that is why I did it. The older I got the more i wanted to share that feeling with the world. Kyle has always been same, I just got a little taller, but he is still the same kid singing songs to himself with his head in the sky.

Did people call you Super Duper Kyle growing up? How did that become a thing for your social presence?

KYLE: I used to say Super Duper all the time in high school. I made a mixtape called “Super Duper”  and it stuck with me. It’s my rap alter ego. Kyle by day Super Duper Kyle at night. PHHHHHHHHHHH (thruster sounds).

Can you tell us about the making of SMYLE?

KYLE: It was a journey it had its ups and its down. Through it all it made me learn the true meaning of happiness and reminded me of the real reasons why I should be smiling. It took over the course of 2 years. I had to make songs that were timeless. I wanted to make songs I could listen to 294 times and still want to listen to it 295 times.


What came first, the cover art or the gold cap on your tooth?

KYLE: I got the idea for both of them around the same time. Smyle is about accepting yourself at all times. I’m not ashamed of my Shark dagger slay tooth, This is what Smyle taught me, Love me AT ALL TIME, in the good time and bad time, now I can just swag out a bit with a little bit of gold.

Your attitude is really inspiring. Have you always been very positive and do you have tips for your fans on how to stay positive?

KYLE: Thank you dear! I have always been the happiest person. Even when times were bad, i knew everything would be ok. I got the power to be happy, can’t nobody take that away from me. I would tell my fans to always remember to smile. As cheesy as it sounds smiling makes you happy, it makes you laugh, it shows you can get through anything. So smile y’all!!!!!!

I saw that you recently did a Reddit Q&A, what was one of the crazier questions and answer?

KYLE: Would rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses? I would totally fight a hundred duck sized horses.  

And then you did another thing where you had your fans text you to hear a new song, there’s so much music tech incorporated with your releases- how do you see yourself debuting music in a few years?

KYLE: Yea my fans be texting me all the time!! I text them back and call them when I can. I’m always down to try new technology to connect more with my fans. I don’t know, maybe I might hologram myself to every fans’ house and give them a preview of the album, the world will have to wait and find out!!

How did you get connected with Chance The Rapper on “Remember Me”?

KYLE: I was working with Nate Foxx at my apartment in Skid row at the time in Downtown Los Angeles ( it’s where all the homeless people in Downtown live). We were working on that song and Chance just showed up to my place. He heard what we were doing at he came up with the hook and recorded it like that. It was amazing!

File Oct 21, 3 01 15 PM
Who do you see yourself working with in the future? In terms of touring, more features, etc.

KYLE:  In dream world, I would be going on tour with Kid Cudi on the INFINITIY AND BEYOND tour.  I want to work with anyone that wants to make timeless music.

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One thought on “KYLE Record Release Party @ #BrooklynPatch x SOL REPUBLIC

  1. Very dope. Great to hear stories of others pushing forward, doing what they love. It keeps me reminded I’m doing the right thing still chasing my dreams.


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