Dia De los Muertos with Jesse “Urban Aztec” Hernandez

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, this Halloween season we’re really excited to be collaborating with Jesse Hernandez who will be designing exclusive SOL bands for the spooky holiday. While Hernandez is not new to working with us, he’s created an edition of “Urban Aztec”  headphone bands around a year ago but check out the interview below as we catch up him again. As an artist, we find out what his favorite surface to paint on, how he transfers his art onto headphones, his plans for Dia De los Mueros and most importantly, Hernandez’s top 5 mostly played songs on iTunes.

How did you get the name Urban Aztec?

 Jesse Hernandez: The name #UrbanAztec started as a description of my style it’s a hybrid of Graffiti and Aztec Influences.

It seems like you have art on so many things, what’s your favorite surface to paint on?

Jesse: Spray paint is definitely my favorite medium, and painting big walls in the streets where anyone can experience your work.

Can you tell us the process of how a picture becomes a design for headphones?
Jesse: Designing for a Headband can be real tricky since it’s super skinny, and much of the art is covered by the head phones. That aside I try to pack in as much detail as possible so people have to look closer to catch it all.

You’ve made a couple headbands for us now, what’s is like working with us?
Jesse: It’s always great to be able to work with a company that appreciates the artists and trusts their skills. Each headband I’ve made were designs straight from the source. No edits, no changes, just raw and uncut.

Music obviously inspires you a lot, what do you listen to when you’re making art?
Jesse: I’ve been on a Metal binge the last few years, but I randomly jump from Old School Hip Hop to Metal to Reggae.

Top 5 mostly played songs on your iTunes?
Jesse: Run The Show- Tribal Seeds
Passin me By – Pharcyde
War Ensemble – Slayer
Wasted Years- Iron Maiden
Native Blood – Testament

Do you make any music/ DJ on the side?
Jesse: Not professionally haha but I do drop knowledge at karaoke bars on occasion

Dia De los Muertos is coming up, how do you usually celebrate it?
Jesse: I usually paint a mural honoring our ancestors and those that have passed to the other side. We actually have Dia De Los Muertos ofrenda up at our house all year round.

And what are you doing this year for Dia De los Muertos?
Jesse: Planning to paint another mural this year, and releasing a new head band with the rad folks at Sol Republic for people to vibe with.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
Jesse: Just steady hustling, working on a lot more projects, some murals coming up, tattoos, toy designs, and some new Illustrations for a few of my favorite brands like Fandango, Masked Republic, and Zoltron. What up Homies!

Dropping a lot of new artwork on my webstore in the next couple weeks around Dia de Los Muertos, so keep an eye out for that!

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Check out his day of the dead limited edition remix headphone here  Jesse Hernandez x SOL REPUBLIC

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