NO STRINGS ATTACHED: Exclusive Interview with Jessie Andrews

Maybe you’ve seen SOL REPUBLIC Savior Of Sound Jessie Andrews in a American Apparel ad, shot by Terri Richardson or caught one of her DJ sets in LA or NYC.   As a self-described modern woman and multitalented artist, she is constantly on the move and insists on traveling light. Shadow Wireless in-ear headphones are the perfect match for her active life – they deliver powerful sound from a lightweight design without any compromise on style.

Jessie took time out from her busy schedule to do an exclusive photoshoot and interview just for Sol Republic. Check out the pics and Q&A below to find out more about her day-to-day, music influences, and why she is likes to live her life with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  

How was your shoot with us? What was playing in the background?

The shoot was great! Dirk Mai and I drove around LA and shot a ton of photos; it was very relaxed and easy.  We played a lot of Tame Impala!

You were given creative freedom for the shoot; what was your inspiration?
Shadow Wireless is all about incredible sound with ‘no strings attached,’ and I used that as inspiration throughout the shoot. We shot at the beach, in the desert, in my house and in a studio. We weren’t tied to one location or any other restrictions.

What is your definition of a Modern Woman?
It has an ever changing definition. Right now, it’s about losing myself and finding myself at the same time. Having self control and consistency. Showing women you don’t need a power in your life, you are the Power; letting them know anything they want to do, they can.

How did DJing become part of your life?
I came to LA in 2010 and was welcomed with open arms by a collective of DJ friends downtown. I loved watching what they do. I became addicted to the feeling you get while playing. And I never wanted to stop.

Where do you find your music influences?
If I hear a song I like in the grocery store or at a club that really sticks out, I Shazam it. I’ll always love 80s and 90s songs but the new age artists speak to me and where I am in life right now. I relate deeper with them.

Can you tell us a bit about how your Usually Deep EP came together?
I wanted people to know what they were getting in to when they come to see me DJ in a club. It’s a series of EPs and the tracks are a usually deep (hence the name). I eventually want to play an entire set of my own music.

You are always busy with DJing, modeling, and acting . What’s your day-to-day life like?
If I’m not on tour, then my day is a giant melting pot of yoga, running, errands, meeting friends for food, shooting, social media, or meetings deep in the jewelry district.

What’s your secret for staying focused and proactive?
To do everything in moderation. I don’t just focus on one thing a day; it’s always a mix to keep me interested and on top. If I was doing repetitive work I’d get bored and lazy, just going through the motions.  But I love learning, growing, and asking myself what’s next.

In a recent interview you mentioned being on the L train in Williamsburg. What’s your favorite place to eat and favorite place to hear live music in Brooklyn?
I definitely love Output. BK has so many good places to eat it’s hard to choose. I try not to eat at the same place twice.

Favorite restaurant and club in LA?
Right now it’s Joan’s on 3rd, Nice Guy and Stamped Proper Foods, but I go through phases and just eat at one place all the time. It’s kind of bad because I burn them out (haha). Favorite club would have to be Exchange in downtown LA.  

What was your last no strings attached relationship? Is there a particular song that reminds you of it?
I feel like I only have no strings attached relationships! I never expect anything out of anyone and I hope they don’t expect anything out of me. No one should have to feel attached. I love the freedom of being able to do what I want, when I want. I have no strings in my life. And I don’t want to be a string. With every different relationship the soundtrack in the background changes into a song reminds me of them, or maybe their favorite song. And if not it’s definitely a Weeknd song!

What do you like most about your new Shadow Wireless in-ear headphones?
I really like when I’m running and there’s no strings going from my earbuds to my hands. So I can run freely, hop off the treadmill and do some exercises,  then hop back on and not have to drag anything with me. I love using Shadow on the New York subway; it’s easy to tie around your neck or tuck under your shirt. Bluetooth is such an amazing invention, and I’m glad SOL has paired it with an amazing device like Shadow Wireless. 

Do you have any new projects or music you’d like to share with us?
I’ve just finished a single. It’s taken me ages to do!! I’m about to do Stereosonic in Australia this summer. This will be the first big festival run I’ve ever done. Then a few shows before the new year., and lots of writing sessions. I am preparing for 2016!


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About the author:
Briana Cheng is always dealing with artist and press relations, and always going through an existential crisis. Find her @banacrisp.

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