why great sound matters

Why Great Sound Matters.

We all have our favorite songs — the ones that touch us, move us, inspire us. A good soundtrack can help us run faster, jump higher, and go farther. Great music illuminates the mystery of emotion and tells a story; our story.

At SOL REPUBLIC we call this your Soundtrack Of Life (SOL). We even named our company after it.

The power of music is undeniable. Scientific studies show that music can make us feel more powerful, help us cope in sad times, and even take us out of ourselves in a healthy, reflective way. Great sound helps everyone get the full benefit of music’s positive effects.

Artists spend many hours (more than you can imagine) selecting the perfect sounds, playing just the right notes, and balancing the mix until the song becomes its own 3-dimensional world. Their songs deserve respect. And listeners deserve to hear every note, every nuance, every breath the singer takes. Like the taste of a perfectly seasoned appetizer, the smell of a new car, the touch of the softest cotton sheets — we believe everyone should hear music in a way that lets you fully EXPERIENCE it.

That’s why we started SOL REPUBLIC.  

We design all of our products from the SOUND up. Each headphone and speaker is custom engineered to produce the kind of crisp highs and full, rich bass frequencies that can stand up next to premium (and more expensive) consumer electronics brands. At SOL REPUBLIC we strive to deliver the most-detailed sound reproduction available — whether you’re on-the-go or relaxing in your room. And the critics agree. 

Sure, you might get by with generic white earbuds. Or maybe pay for over-hyped headphones that cost twice as much and sound half as good. But our loyal SOLdiers of Sound are discerning listeners who appreciated a premium music experience that’s priced within reach. SOL REPUBLIC headphones appeal to those who are not content just to hear music, but want to FEEL the full power of their Soundtrack Of Life. 

In the end, great sound matters because if it sounds better, it feels better.  Never settle for less.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Reynolds is the Global Digital Director at SOL REPUBLIC

8 thoughts on “Why Great Sound Matters.

  1. Hola, buenos días.
    Tengo unos amps air y suenan excelente tienen una de las mejores inmersiones de sonido del mercado, mi pregunta es donde podría adquirir el par derecho ya que lo he perdido o si ustedes pueden venderme únicamente dicho par.


  2. Hola buenas tardes , tengo los audífonos inalámbricos amps air y suenan excelentes estoy muy agusto con ellos proporcionan una alta calidad de fidelidad en la música, quería saber en donde puedo comprar de manera individual ya que se me perdió el lado izquierdo.


  3. I have an older pair of ear buds. I love them have never had any problems with them. But they are getting old. Been looking at your ear buds but everyone tells me why. They say this because I am mostly deaf on my left ear. Someday I will find some with independent volume control.


  4. I want to listen to one ear price while the other is charging. But the left ear price is the only one that activates. How can i make it so when i put the left ear piece in to charge i can use the right one.


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