Breakfast with Father

Musicians, deejays, producers and emcees bring clubs and bars to life in the twilight hours. As we are always on the lookout to catch them in a different light, the bright light of day, SOL REPUBLIC asks asks our favorites to hang out with us for breakfast. This installment of our Breakfast With… series has us hanging with Father, on the occasion of his first visit to San Francisco this spring. You know Father, he’s the producer wunderkind out of Atlanta with his own label AWFUL RECORDS and has been involved in Pretty Boy Satan, L1L DIDDY, Boys and Girls Club, Young Hot Ebony, and Brawl over the last few years.


Father and his crew met with us at Brenda’s French Soul Food on Polk Street and we had a conversation about hopes and dreams while eating some of the best food in the Tenderloin.


What was on the menu?

Father had the Catfish Po’ Boy with fries and drank a Sprite, while I ate Pork Belly with cheesy grits and drank water.


Who has been your favorite collaborator?

Outside of Awful, it would either be Key! or Makonnen. They’re both two of few people who I’ve seen just pop up and within minutes pull a crazy anthem seemingly out of no where.

Who of your colleagues do you admire?

KCSB. If I could produce as many diverse, immaculate beats at the rate he can I’d be unstoppable, but alas we all have our own personal strengths. Everyone has a particular trait I admire.

Does living in ATL influence your musical direction?

Certainly, I think it’s how current our party atmosphere is. I’ve been to other cities and the music they play will be light years behind, playing popular Atlanta music from months or even years prior. That doesn’t really fly here, so we stay in a constant state of progression.

What’s the difference between playing a show in Atlanta, versus a show on the road?

I think the crowd is more appreciative of the fact that I’m even there and tend to get even more hype and involved.


Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

Living; I get my best lines from general conversation I have with my peers about the real life events going on day to day with us. It just so happens two-thirds of these conversations revolve around women.

What music do you have on deck?

I’ve been listening to a lot of bossanova & surf rock as of late.

What are your tools of trade?

Reason 8, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere & social media.

You recently just dropped a new surprise album.  Can you tell us about this album and the inspiration behind it?  

Young Hot Ebony propelled me very quickly into the spotlight. Who’s Gonna Get F***** First is the direct follow up and details my life, moods and general reaction to my and Awful’s newfound notoriety. YHE was very fun loving and embodied the spirit of my summer. In terms of content I wanted WGGFF to be darker, colder, seasoned, more in my feelings and just generally more adult. I wanted it to reflect my winters, which are usually way more tumultuous. In terms of the sound, I wanted to keep my production sparse like with YHE and L1L D1DDY, but fill the space with more “boom.”

What’s new for you in 2015? 

I’ll be going on my first headlining tour this Summer. Between that and various other shows I’ll be working on new singles, EPs and various collaborations with other members of Awful Records.

Welcome SOL REPUBLIC Savior of Sound Father!

You can keep up with Father, check his show schedule and all the music he’s been producing via his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Soundcloud.

About the author: Based in SF, Mai Le deeply obsesses about music, fashion, art and social justice. Chances are high she’s photographed someone you know for her seven year old street style site, More info than necessary can be found about her, here:

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