SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless Earphones now available



Designed to be worn all day, SHADOW is the new in-ear headphone that brings great sound, comfort and style to wireless for under $100

San Francisco, CA – March 24, 2015: Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC introduces SHADOW Wireless, the first in-ear wireless headphone to feature NASA-inspired biomorphic design, incredible sound and a fashion-forward look for music lovers who demand more. While most wireless earphones on the market are afflicted with poor sound, weak battery life or look like they were pulled from a sci-fi film, SHADOW is designed to be an extension of your body and style. Balanced and detailed, SHADOW sounds better than most wired headphones, features a mic & remote, and has an 8 hour battery life so you’ll be ready to play music whenever you want it. SOL REPUBLIC is releasing the new SHADOW Wireless with Best Buy as an exclusive launch partner.

“Most music lovers don’t want to deal with cords anymore, but most wireless earphones force you to sacrifice sound, comfort, style or some combination of all three,” said Kevin Lee, CEO and Co-Founder at SOL REPUBLIC. “We designed SHADOW to go toe-to-toe with wired headphones in terms of kickass sound and hid a powerful battery in a lightweight, flexible design that’s so comfortable and sleek you’ll want to wear it all day.”

Digging through research conducted on the human body by NASA, SOL REPUBLIC’s team spent months studying anatomy, weight distribution and the contours of the neck to create a wireless headphone that felt like an extension of your own body. The result is a unique and lightweight design that adapts and shapes itself to your neck for a secure and comfortable fit that lasts all day and can be worn while on the train, at work or sitting through a marathon day of classes. Featuring a flexible, soft, natural-fit collar, SHADOW distributes weight evenly and adjusts to your body movements just like eye-glasses or a watch so you’ll soon forget it’s there. Small and flexible enough to keep in your pocket or a small bag and built to endure both sweat and rain, SHADOW is a wireless headphone that can go anywhere you go.

Committed to always delivering incredible sound, SHADOW was tuned to deliver deceptively powerful sound, with balance and details that bring out the best in all types of music so you can leave the wires behind, but still get wired-quality sound. It’s even equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 with APT-X technology.

Using multi-point connectivity, music lovers can easily connect up to two devices at once and seamlessly switch from listening to music on a tablet to taking a phone call on a smartphone without the hassle of connecting and disconnecting. SHADOW offers an easy-to-access microphone & 3-button remote to control your music, calls and volume from its collar while also letting you unchain from your phone and roam free with an up to 30-foot wireless range.

SHADOW is the latest addition to the robust line of SOL REPUBLIC wireless products. Ranging from wireless in-ear and on-ear headphones to speakers, SOL REPUBLIC provides music lovers a variety of wireless products designed to change the way music is heard and shared. SOL REPUBLIC wireless products provide powerful sound, distinctive feature sets and unmatched range to provide a unique music experience at an affordable price.

 Like all other SOL REPUBLIC earphones, SHADOW is part of the exclusive “Ear Tips for Life” program that ensures you will never have to worry about losing your ear tips again. SOL REPUBLIC is the only manufacturer that will replace your ear tips anytime they are lost, misplaced or if you simply want a different size.

SHADOW Wireless is available exclusively now at Best Buy stores, and in Steel Black and Rich Grey for $99.99 and will be available at additional leading retailers in June 2015.

SOL REPUBLIC is a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through style, sound and technology. Comprised of music fanatics, SOL REPUBLIC develops its products from the ground up to look, sound and feel unlike anything else in the market. For more information, visit

Download the full press release here.

Seth Combs


  1. Hello, first I would like to say that I really enjoy the Shadow headphones that I purchased but I am having a problem with single between my devices and my headset. I have a IPod 5th Generation running IOS 8.4 and a IPad Air 2 running IOS 8.4 and I have problems when I am outdoors with the single being lost. Normally I run my stuff off of ITunes and listen to my IPod which I keep in my pant pocket and when I am in a outdoor environment I will loose single or it will break up. The same happens with the IPad I will be listening to music put it in my backpack and will almost always loose the single or it will break up so much that I have to switch back to my regular wired headphones. When I am indoors I do not have the same single problem. I would think that there shouldn’t be much of a problem when the devices are less then 2 to 3 feet from each other. (ie. pant pocket or my backpack over my shoulder which is even closer.) The IPod seems to keep a single better then the IPad. Do you have any suggestions on anything I can do in order to keep the music flowing 🙂 Thank you for your time. If you need further information please let me know. I could even figure out a way to see how the singles are reacting with one another if you need. I have emailed you folks twice now and got no responce so though i’d try the blog.


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