Wearable Tech Event

You would never expect Technology and Fashion to mingle. However, a packed house with close to 200 people gathered at the Wearable Tech and Fashion Show hosted at SOL REPUBLIC HQ to hear from industry leaders.

The global fashion industry is $1.2 Trillion and US consumers spend $250B/year on fashion products. Wearables was $5B business in 2014 and is expected to grow to 12.5B by 2018. Combined, they will count even more.

Wearable Tech & Fashion is part of a series of events organized by Wearable Technology Startup. Speakers included Monisha Perkash, CEO and founder of Lumo BodyTech, Tom Golnik, VP of Product and Design at Misfit Wearables, Kristin Neidlinger fashion designer and founder of Sensoree, Elena Slivnyak, fashion designer and founder of IIMUAHII and Greg Mcnamara, Director, Product Design at SOL REPUBLIC.

SOL REPUBLIC showed their new Shadow Wireless Earphones for the first time in public.

The event closed with a surprising live performance from San Francisco-based Con Brio. Catch it all in the video below.

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