Keeping It Visual: Mallory Lucille Rose

High up in the cloudy city of San Francisco, Mallory Lucille Rose creates a world of her own. In a studio swathed in pastels of pinks and blues, her work isn’t singular in the slightest. Hitch hiking from the carefree nature of a paintbrush on canvas to the fragility of pencil to paper, or redefining the art of the sticky note, her work takes on more layers than its simplicity lets on. Rose is an artist living somewhere in an in-between; hard and soft when the time feels right. Hailing from SOL REPUBLIC’s very own hometown of San Francisco, and with a healthy eye for color, she seemingly dissolves any notion that an artist must have one steady medium. Brisk, clean, and conscious, Rose uses household objects or the faces of friends, creating art that reminds viewers life isn’t as complicated as we chose to perceive.


Redirecting her audience to look within themselves (i.e. Barbara Kruger and Stephen Powers), everything Rose creates exudes a purpose. Though that word is most usually attached with an eye roll, using it to describe Rose’s work is the most sincere. Exemplified in her series on Instagram titled “Prime Pickings,” Rose photographs her own hand holding freshly picked flowers. Taking a breath in whatever surrounding she’s found herself, Rose once again reminds us all about the power of a moment. With an empathetic twist in her imagery, Rose’s vulnerability in turn creates a strength and compassion for her audience that melds and celebrates all on its own.

Check out Mallory’s colorful portfolio on her website and stay in the loop by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

About the author: A recent transplant from Berkeley, Claire McKinzie is still trying to find her new burrito spot in East LA. With a penchant for writing about music, art, culture, and the inner workings of all three, you can find her (sometimes unamusing) musings on Twitter and Instagram.

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