Inspiration Playlist: Con Brio

In last week’s Artist Spotlight interview with the up and coming neo-soul band Con Brio, we got a glimpse of the thought process surrounding their recently released new EP Kiss The Sun. To top it off, the band got together and compiled this exclusive playlist for us of the soulful tracks that inspired their new release along with a track by track commentary.

“We rock this playlist on our SOL REPUBLIC PUNK wireless speaker to make being crammed into a hotel room in-between shows A LOT more enjoyable,” the band told us. “It helps us remember why we do what we do.”


Press play and enjoy:

“Another Life” – D’Angelo
“D’Angelo coming back, and with such a strong statement, has been exhilarating to watch. It’s really difficult to pick any one track, but the closer is just such a classic D groove.” – Micah Dubreuil (Keyboards)

“Move On Up” – Curtis Mayfield
“This song just makes me smile. Since I high school it’s been my pump-up song, my happy place, my celebration anthem: “Move On Up” just makes everything alright.” – Micah Dubreuil (Keyboards)

“Cosmic Slop” – Funkadelic
“Lately, the band has been exploring what we can do with heavy riff-based repetition, and Funkadelic does it so well here. Classic.” – Micah Dubreuil (Keyboards)

“Ah Yeah” – Robert Glasper Experiment (ft. Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michele)
“I think the melody and rhythm of the vocalists in this song are amazing. They vibe with the musicians so well, but add their own swing to it.” – Andrew Laubacher (Drums)

Appletree” – Erykah Badu
“I’ve been a huge fan of Erykah Badu since Baduizm came out. This track in particular struck a chord with me immediately. The way it’s produced is incredibly solid, and the idea of surrounding yourself with individuals who are at their best while maintaining your own identity is a concept that I’ve tried to live my life by.” – Andrew Laubacher (Drums)

“Little Ghetto Boy” – Donny Hathaway
“Donny is amazing as always, but the bassist on this album, Willie Weeks, is hugely inspirational for me. His playing is so buoyant; his parts are active and constantly pushing the song along but never too busy.” – Jonathan Kirchner (Bass)

“(This is for) The Better Days” – The Bees
“I love how this song has a number of very simple parts locking together to form an irresistible groove; they make it sound so easy.” – Jonathan Kirchner (Bass)

“Living For The City” – Stevie Wonder
“I appreciate the scale and arc of the story and how Stevie owns it – he takes you on a journey. I’m still blown away every time I hear him put on his “grizzled voice” in the second half.” – Jonathan Kirchner (Bass)

“Mermaid” – Sade
“I’ve utilized the power of this song on many occasions, but listening to it before a show has been apart of my pre-show rituals for sometime now. When I close my eyes, a wave of peace and clarity washes away any lingering fear or doubt. I tap into infinity.” – Ziek (Vocals)

“Future Shock” – Curtis Mayfield 
“Good God! The pocket on this is just impeccable. The relationship between the horns and the rhythm section (along w/ Fela Kuti’s music) has been my inspiration for writing horn lines. Everything is a rhythm and it’s all jumping like a bag of popcorn while backing Curtis’s serpentine-like vocal melody that helps you digest this powerful message. Ingenious.” – Ziek (Vocals)


If you haven’t already, check out Con Brio’s Kiss The Sun EP right here:

Catch Con Brio on tour across the US, with dates and tickets here. You can stream or buy the Kiss The Sun EP now on Bandcamp. Make sure to follow the band on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay in the loop!

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