Keeping It Visual: Daniel Dorsa

Inspiration isn’t just felt in the beats bursting from our headphones. A collective transfer of artistic currency, this domino effect of creation is what keeps all artists looking to their left and right. In a day and age where visual communication sometimes surpasses the verbal (texting vs. calling; snapchatting vs. blogging), it’s time we shed some light on those keeping it visual. From photographers, painters, to those taking Instagram to a level far higher than brunch with friends, we want to show off who’s inspiring us.

daniel dorsa

Living in the concrete forest of New York City, Daniel Dorsa arms himself with a camera. The darkly bearded photographer from Florida, known for his colorful perspective of the DIY music scene, brings to our table a fresh perspective ripe from the proverbial vine. Perhaps this is something all photographers must posses- a cunning eye, the ability to see potential, and the quick skill of trapping the complexities of light. Dorsa’s work hangs in the balance of purposefully surgical or unabashedly fragile.It’s only natural to assume he’s great with people.

Dorsa celebrates each musician he works with, simultaneously celebrating and emulating exactly what they’re trying to say. Whether it’s the etherial nature of Emily Reo’s electronic hum or the pop fandom surrounding Skyler Spence (aka Saint Pepsi), Dorsa doesn’t just capture a time or place, he handles them with care.

Take a look at Daniel Dorsa’s stunning body of work on his website and follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

About the author: A recent transplant from Berkeley, Claire McKinzie is still trying to find her new burrito spot in East LA. With a penchant for writing about music, art, culture, and the inner workings of all three, you can find her (sometimes unamusing) musings on Twitter and Instagram.

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