Get Local: San Francisco Live Shows Week of 2/16

Whether you’re a born and raised local or a lost Bay Area transplant looking to find the best tunes in the city, we’ve picked out this week’s best live shows in our home town of San Francisco for you to check out.

EDJ + Kacey Johansing + Farallons @ The Chapel (Wednesday)

Fruit Bats 1 (2011)Get Tickets

The bio for San Francisco’s Farallons note the ocean’s proximity to their practice spot. Upon briefly listening to their night-swimming tunes there is no way this is an exaggeration. Dive into their inaugural EP aptly titled Outer Sun Sets. Kacey Johansing, who also performs alongside Emily Ritz as Yesway, follows. Her acoustic pop has just added more to her catalog recently coming off her second record. Headlining is the man behind the Fruit Bats, Eric D. Johnson, who is now recording and performing under EDJ. His recent work under the moniker has drummed up reports of ‘space folk’ which should not be thrown around lightly.

Kris Orlowski + Debbie Neigher @ Hotel Utah (Thursday)

kris orlowskiGet Tickets

First up is local pop-centric singer-songwriter Debbie Neigher. Front and center working keys and vocals Neigher has been performing as a four piece featuring another set of keys, drums, and bass (with the ever swoon worthy lap steel). The band will be performing a new song for the first time so go early and you might as well take advantage of that food service. Seattle’s Kris Orlowski and friends will headline as they continue a run down the West Coast after wrapping last year’s Believer. Orlowski’s indie folk is much more grand often releasing music featuring a sole acoustic guitar to a 17 piece orchestra. Highly recommended for fans of Hey Marseilles, Tall Heights, Hey Rosetta!

Unconditional Arms + What Fun Life Was + Mother Room + Ordinary Neighbors @ The Honey Hive (Friday)

unconditional armsMore Info

Go off the beaten path and dive headfirst into the Sunset for a book release of photography from Senny Mau. The party features the work of several local photographers and will be soundtracked by a full lineup featuring post rock to lo-fi garage pop. Leading the bill are Oakland’s Unconditional Arms who create large scale instrumental rock overflowing with a constant build of soaring guitars backed by a battle march of drums. Stream the new single from Unconditional Arms on Soundcloud then pre-order their split with Threading from The Native Sound.

The Mary Onettes + Li Xi + Tiaras @ Rickshaw Stop (Friday)

mary onettesGet Tickets

You can hear the garage rock roots in Tiaras but the addition of synths and surfy guitars. New in name, the members or Tiaras had fronted a number of NorCal acts for the past few years. Tiaras already gifted us an LP so go become well versed. Li Xi have been performing for about three years now utilizing heavy elements of unusual psychedelic sound to combine the soft melancholic with the loud chaotic. Finally, you are graced with The Mary Onettes and their late 80’s influenced indie rock soaked with reverb straight out of Sweden. This may very well be the country’s main export. Go support international touring bands!

Sonny & the Sunsets + Gap Dream + Colleen Green @ The Chapel (Saturday)

sonny sunsetsGet Tickets

Sonny & those music making Sunsets are a piece of California rock and roll that will always find their way onto my Highway 101 road trip mixes. Their new record, Talent Night At the Ashram, drops today [Find it Here]. Supporting much of their upcoming dates is LA-based Colleen Green who fits in perfectly with the impressive lineup of Hardly Art acts. You have to wait a week longer to get your hands on her new record but if recent singles “TV” and “Pay Attention” are any indication you’d be a fool not to admit how much you enjoy reverting to adolescence and jumping on your bed to them like there’s no tomorrow…and before you remember beds are actually expensive. Screw it, you can deal with that later.

About Mike: Habitual Bay Area show-hopper and new music junkie. Currently Artist Relations at DeliRadio and Training Director at KALX. Follow the music based ramblings on Twitter.

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