Breakfast with DJs: Lucky Date

Late night in dimly lit clubs is the natural habitat of the DJ. Interested in seeing DJs in the light of day, we’ve asked some of our favorites to meet us for breakfast. Sometimes they even cook. For this installment of Breakfast with DJs, we meet Savior of Sound Lucky Date, a.k.a. Jordan Atkins-Loria, on the eve of the release of his new single, “The End” with David Solano out February 16th on Armada Trice.

Check out the single here and get a glimpse of him in the daylight:


Lucky Date’s sun drenched live/work loft in West Oakland


On the menu?

Jordan made perfectly runny scrambled eggs and bacon.



How did it all begin?

I started producing after joining an after school program, Youth Radio, when I was 13. The program taught me to how to make hip hop beats and facilitated my love affair with producing.

Did growing up in the Bay influence your taste or style?

Bay Area hip hop was very influential to me in my teens. And the rave scene in the bay area totally changed my life at 15 when it kick started my love of house music.


What music did you grow up listening to?

I loved punk rock as a kid and played drums in punk and ska bands. Hip hop became my favorite music in high school and I quickly transitioned into listening to many forms of EDM.

What’s the difference between playing for a hometown audience in the Bay versus while on tour? Which do you prefer?

They Bay Area always has very energetic crowds. Kids here know and respect their music. I love playing at home, I enjoy a show with friends and family in the audience. When I perform in other cities I’m usually traveling alone, which can be lonely.


What is a good show for you?

A good show is hard to describe. It’s a combination of the energy I put off and the energy the crowd gives back to me that creates my favorite performances.

Does having a radio program/podcast afford you creative freedom? Does ‘Who’s Lucky Radio’ enhance or differ from your mixes or DJ gigs?

Having a radio show has been one of the most exciting developments in my career. It gives me an entirely new weekly entity to work on that’s both challenging and rewarding. Having a radio show forces me to stay on top of new music daily and allows me to play new songs I’d normally not play in live sets. My live sets have changed a lot now. I’ve started playing lots of new music, especially demos I receive from up and coming producers.  (Demo/Promo email is


Who are some of your favorite collaborators?

I loved working with Zedd. Usually, with collaborations, I never actually sit in a studio with the other artist. We send music files back and forth via email. With Zedd, we worked on the song for awhile via email but then spent 7 days in the studio finishing the song together. Working side-by-side helped us push the song creatively further.


Who are the individuals that you respect most in your field, why?

I respect producers with passion. Doesn’t matter if our music is different, if you are passionate about your music, and music in general, I have loads of respect.

What are your tools of trade?

I work in Reason. I have used it since the beginning and don’t ever plan on switching. All I need is Reason, a midi keyboard and some headphones and I’m good to go!


What’s next?

I’m writing more music now than ever before. This year I have re-fallen in love with producing and I’ve become slightly obsessed. Lots of new music to come!

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people around the globe and learning from them. That’s the best part of this job.

Make sure to follow Lucky Date on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud to stay in the loop!

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About the author: Based in SF, Mai deeply obsesses about music, fashion, art and social justice. Chances are high she’s photographed someone you know for her seven year old street style site, More info than necessary can be found about her, here:

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