Get Local: San Francisco Live Shows Week of 1/19

Whether you’re a born and raised local or a lost Bay Area transplant looking to find the best tunes in the city, we’ve picked out this week’s best live shows in our home town of San Francisco for you to check out.

Willie Watson + Mikaela Davis @ Great American Music Hall (Wednesday)

willie watsonGet Tickets

Mikaela Davis carries two voices, one her own and the other emitted from the harp. She is currently touring as a three piece including drums and guitar/sitar. Prepare for the opening set her session with Audiotree in Chicago [Watch]. Following, is Willie Watson who provided us with a great folk record last year that feels unearthed from a time capsule inside a bottle of moonshine. The familiar vocals are likely to be familiar as Watson served a decade as one of the founding members of Old Crow Medicine Show.

Foxtails Brigade + Idea the Artist + Ghost Tiger @ Awaken Cafe (Thursday)

foxtails brigadeGet Tickets

First things first, watch “Science Camp“. Santa Barbara’s Ghost Tiger is an excess of fun. Their folk pop is interwoven with soulful vocals, complex rhythms, and 60’s era guitar. Go listen to last week’s release Some Friends Feel Like Family perfect for fans of Lucius, Freelance Whales, or Radiation City. Rounding out a night of all female fronted acts, you will have Bay Area locals Foxtails Brigade and Idea the Artist. Clues in the world of Foxtails Brigade lead to a new music video on the way so be on the lookout.

Waters + Hot Wave Heat Flash @ The Independent (Saturday)

watersGet Tickets

It continues to be difficult to find someone not hooked on Waters. The last few years had a reigning champion of bright indie pop like Youngblood Hawke and Grouplove before that. From the dangerously catchy It All Might Be Ok EP it looks like Waters is on the way to claiming the next title. Plus, we’ve been systematically luring you out to check out Hot Wave Heat Flash for some time now so two birds one stone etc etc. The show is being presented by Live 105 and Different Fur in case you wanted even more professional opinions to get your ticket.

Sunhaze + Phosphene + Sunbeam Rd @ Neck of the Woods (Saturday)

sunhazeGet Tickets

Phosphene dropped a new single not long after their debut full length last year and it’s great. The trio’s first two members met in college and scooped up their bass player once they began putting their songwriting into reality. They lie on a border between shoegaze and indie rock and their fandom of major acts from Sharon Van Etten and Neko Care to Interpol shine through. Recommended tracks: “Silver”, “Wire”, and “Go To Sleep”. Who else is on deck? You’ll have the surf pop of Sunhaze along with the relaxing psych induced rock of Sunbeam Rd (who currently have me in a trance after getting lost in theircollection of album art).

Monster Rally & Jay Stone + Queens D. Light + Kid Trails @ Leo’s (Saturday)

jay stoneGet Tickets

A week before the release of the new collaborative album between LA beatmaker Monster Rally and Oakland emcee Jay Stone you have the chance to see the project live. You can preview a few tracks off the record now on Bandcamp. Here’s how Gold Robot, who will be releasing the record, describes Foreign Pedestrian: “The album’s production focuses heavily on Monster Rally’s “global haze” sound combined with funk and jazz elements.” Bonus track: Synth pop soldier Yalls will be DJing sets throughout the night.

About the author: Mike is a habitual Bay Area show-hopper and new music junkie. Currently Artist Relations at DeliRadio and occasional DJ at KALX. Follow the music based ramblings on Twitter.

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