Get Local: San Francisco Live Shows Week of 1/12

Whether you’re a born and raised local or a lost Bay Area transplant looking to find the best tunes in the city, we’ve picked out this week’s best live shows in our home town of San Francisco for you to check out.

The Soft White Sixties + Bonnie & the Bang Bang + Taxes @ Brick & Mortar (Wednesday)

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Despite our gracious alert last week you somehow had a valid excuse for not making it out to the first round of TSWS residency. Now that all has been forgiven here’s your second chance. For the entire month of January, The Soft White Sixties will be rocking out at Brick & Mortar every Wednesday as part of a Bay Area residence, playing an entirely different set with unique openers each week. Joining the party this time will be rock n’ rollers Bonnie & the Bang Bang whose performances have become more refined and energetic every single time. Taxes gave us a full album last year off the SF/PDX Breakup label. Prepare for their newer material with the just released video for Mid Season Replacement. Note: Taxes frontman Robby Cronholm will follow the set by thrashing about as Bonnie & the Bang Bang’s bassist. Someone have an extra beer ready for that man.

The Fresh & Onlys + Cool Ghouls + Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel @ Great American Music Hall (Thursday)

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DJ sets by Sonny Smith of Sonny & the Sunsets should already peak your interest. The Great American and folkYEAH will be host to a ten year anniversary show featuring the city’s own The Fresh & Onlys. Having already reached a hefty sum of releases in the double digits from 2008’s Chuffed EP to last year’s House of Spirits there’s some ground to cover in their sets. Burger Records psych troupe Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel bring in a trifecta of drums, bass, and organ. NorCal event producer folkYEAH tacks on the word ‘series’ to the 10 Year Anniversary event so after Thursday imaginations may go wild over our other favorite mid-ought acts.

Tove Styrke + The Tropics + GNTLMN @ Rickshaw Stop (Friday)

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You find a familiar voice in LA’s GNTLMN as the vocals are delivered by Natalia Rogovin of Social Studies. Though that’s just about where the comparison to the two groups end. I’d say we may have talked up The Tropics as one of the most fun emerging SF acts of last year but then they keep giving us another reason. Their music video mastery continues with their latest track “Take You Home”. Check it out here to get a peek into The Tropics live show and how they chose to wander the streets of the Mission to Bernal Heights. The Swedish pop factories continue to work in overdrive as they send over their latest Tove Stryke. Only just able to legally drink in the states, Stryke was discovered on Swedish Idol and subsequently released her platinum debut at 18.

The Hundred Days + Andy Clockwise + EagleWolfSnake @ Bottom of the Hill (Saturday)

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First up is the still new in name local act, EagleWolfSnake, featuring members formerly of Nova Albion and Music For Animals. Bonus points: The band made the cut into this year’s BottleRock Napa lineup. Andy Clockwise is a powerhouse. Australian born and now entrenched in the LA scene, Clockwise creates a world of dance rock all his own. The Hundred Days teased us with their Hot Stuff EP last summer but are finally leading up to a new full length. If you’ve caught any of their recent shows you’ll be familiar with a horde of new songs. Now they just need to release new live favorite “The Beast” so I can play it off something with a repeat function.

Battlehooch + Guy Fox + Ghost & the City @ The Chapel (Saturday)

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Battlehooch are a rock orchestra of indie psychedelic madness. Guy Fox is indie rock that can’t be narrowed down in title without mentioning their funk roots and overall dance crazed atmosphere. Ghost & the City’s rocked fueled soul, like the rest of the bill, feels very Bay Area. It is something I would throw on during the grueling cross city MUNI journey after all last calls had expired. Often performing in different formations, and having seen a few, whether Ghost & the City performs as a duo, four piece, or beyond you are always left wanting more. Grab their latest EP for free on their website.

About Mike: Habitual Bay Area show-hopper and new music junkie. Currently Artist Relations at DeliRadio and occasional DJ at KALX. Follow the music based ramblings on Twitter.

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