PUNK For A Day: Mike

To really put our littlest wireless speaker to the test, we hooked up a few of our blog contributors with PUNK and asked them to take it with them as their soundtrack for a day. Check out all the places that Mike took his PUNK for a spin, complete with the perfect soundtrack:


punk mike1

Start sound tracking your day early, no headphones needed. This was a room I learned early on to keep my phone far away from which meant the only music available was the sound of bacon cooking. The PUNK was much easier to throw around during constant food spills and significantly less traumatic to clean off.

Recommended Track: “You and I Are The Same” – How To Dress Well


punk mike2

No matter how quiet my headphones are while biking about I was always fairly certain someone was sneaking up on me. Problem solved. Plus, this instantly led to the immediate formation of a bike gang and a coinciding playlist. Fact: dancing while cycling is a learned skill.

Recommended Track: “Octahate” (Cashmere Cat Remix) – Ryn Weaver

Lunch Break

punk mike3

Congratulations on working or looking like you are working for long enough to make it to your lunch break. If the sun still exists, go outside. The PUNK’s temperature remained the same even while sitting in direct sunlight.

Recommended Track: “Archie, Marry Me” – Alvvays

Office/Pool Table

punk mike4

As long as you aren’t confined to tiny cubicles, or even if you are, you can find a spot for this music maker. Works great for entertaining or angering your nearest coworker. The reason there is a pool table pictured is that if the internet goes down at your internet based business you’ll need something to keep you busy.

Recommended Track: “Can’t Sleep” (Vanic Remix) – K.Flay


punk mike5

Hunt and gather in style. I wasn’t sure how this would go down as three of us marched in blasting this, forcefully grabbing things off the shelves but I believe everyone involved won. We felt like vikings, some employees had a laugh, and we may have startled a small child.

Recommended Track: “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” – Run The Jewels (ft. Zack De La Rocha)


punk mike6

We wandered about with our spoils until we ran out of land and ended up here. Yet again, this was a spot that was always a ticking time bomb for a ruined phone. But PUNK is small enough to scoop up in your palm but big enough not to lose sight of it.

Recommended Track: “Oceans” (Twice As Nice Remix) – Coasts

Office #2

punk mike7

Like all independent radio stations, they are buried deep underground with a library you will likely become lost in. Prepping for shows became easier using the PUNK to quickly preview vinyl using [Popular Music App] and listen to the live DJ as I traversed the labyrinth.

Recommended Track: “For Us” – ODESZA

Check out all the other places you can take PUNK and get yours now on the SOL REPUBLIC web store:

About Mike: Habitual Bay Area show-hopper and new music junkie. Currently Artist Relations at DeliRadio and occasional DJ at KALX. Follow the music based ramblings on Twitter.

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