RL Grime

Tracks to Take You 0-100: RL Grime, XXYYXX, and more

Music from this week that channels your feelings and speakers from 0-100 like the famous words from your boy, Drake.

“toto” (XXYYXX remix) – SALES


As the indie pop duo SALES prepare for their much anticipated EP release, another fellow Florida native XXYYXX gave us a remix of their song “toto”. Everett’s edits to “toto” gave the track a thin ethereal mannerism that flies around with a gentle touch of nostalgia to each emphasized melody. SALES’ self titled EP will be available on September 22nd but enjoy XXYYXX’s rework for now.

“Reminder” – RL Grime ft. How To Dress Well

RL Grime

Still in its rip format, one of LA’s hottest producers from the WeDidIt collective debuted his very special track featuring Chicago singer How To Dress Well on Zane Lowe’s “Future Exclusive” premiere on BBC Radio this Tuesday. “Reminder” is the second track on RL Grime’s upcoming album and it’s a time-lapse of a broken relationship with sharp falsettos of emotional turmoil.

“Look” – Litany


Jake and Beth are two friends living in England that sometimes make beautiful music under Litany. They have only two songs available on Soundcloud and the most recent track is titled “Look.” Litany keeps their pop senses on the minimal side with an emphasis on every breath in Beth’s vulnerable lyrics and every break in Jake’s atmospheric production.

“Captain SaveAHoe” – Roy French, DJ Taye, DJ Manny

roy french

Chicago Teklife boys DJ Taye, DJ Manny, and Roy French worked on a track called “Captain SaveAHoe.” This entertaining juke mix repeats the words “I cannot save a hoe” over a brisky production permeated with a psychedelic cadence that comes in and out like the Fall breeze as cuffing season is soon arriving.

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.

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