Indie Label Spotlight: The-Drum’s Lo Motion

This spotlight is a monthly feature showcasing some of our favorite independent record labels. As a relatively new label with its first official release that came out earlier this month, we spoke to the Chicago boys in The-Drum about their new project, Lo Motion. Brandon Boom and Jeremiah Meece started this record label to help debut local acts as well as their friends and it is clear through showcasing Dre Green’s sultry R&B talents, this is all just a bright beginning for Lo Motion.

Get to know the label with a little sample:

Check out the interview below as Boom and Meece discuss everything you need to know about Lo Motion from the beginning to now and the future.

You guys are both in The-Drum, can you briefly describe how you became friends and started this project?

Brandon Boom: We had been friends for a few years before we started The-Drum. The idea initially was to just produce for other people, but we quickly learned that we need to get our names out there if we wanted to produce for anyone. So we turned some of the beats into full songs and just started making songs almost daily for about 6 months before we posted anything online. Then another 4 before we started sending anything to blogs. So by the time we came out it was pretty developed. Although the first song we ever made together is the first song on “Contact” which is our fourth release so I feel like that says something about our early ideas.

Jeremiah Meece: We met at a party and exchanged numbers with a promise of if one of us ever found DMT we would call the other. I was approached to produce for this R & B singer and I hollered at Brandon about doing it with me cause I knew he produced but more importantly he had grown up with R&B, where as I came to it much later.

What is the vision for your label Lo Motion and how did it develop?

BB: Mostly from just producing a lot of people and feeling like we could start a label. Also there being no labels like it in Chicago. The vision is to start with music and try to expand to other areas we think are cool. The main vision for me right now is to get everyone to listen to Dre Green’s debut EP.

dregreenJM: We had talked about doing a label for a really long time. We had almost done a tape label but then decided against it, and that was several years ago. This came out of realizing that there wasn’t a good vehicle for a lot of amazing music our friends were working on yet and us wanting to get that stuff out there. Our vision is pretty extensive but I don’t really wanna tip our hand too early. Lets just say there is a lot more to come.

For people that haven’t heard the first official release, how would you describe Dre Green’s record?

BB: I would describe it as really fucking good. I’m not good at describing things, but if you are into R&B at all or production you would probably like it. She worked super hard as did everyone and kept on all of us. She is super driven and I really like working with her.

JM: I would describe it like dreamy, sexy modern R&B just slightly weirder.

Can you tell us how you met/found her?

BB: She found us! Well it’s more of like being in a group of friends. She knew we produced music and she was living with Kit’s girlfriend. She just asked us one day. It’s not like there was a moment when we found her like singing in the street and there was an ‘ah ha’ moment and we ran to the studio. Then after “Neymar Night”, we were like let’s do this. Then when we started Lo Motion we were right in the middle of making stuff for her so it all happened very naturally.

JM: I met her through Kit, they were roommates at the time. She came up to me at a show and said I’m a singer and I was like cool we can try and do something. I didn’t really think much about it till we got together, I gave her a couple beats and she came back with amazing vocals for them. These were tracks that were not easy to write over, like “Useless” on the EP. So I was hooked from there. Oh and then “Neymar Night” came out and it was wrap, like wtf this girl is gonna be amazing.

There are a few different scenes in Chicago and it seems like there is a big support system. What do you think of it?

BB: I don’t like scenes. I don’t want to be grouped with other people I may not know or approve of. That’s the biggest thing for me. Its like “oh you live in Chicago, you must be friends with Hoobastank”  Ummm… no. Lots of great music gets made here but I’m not supporting all of it and I’m not friends with every person here in hopes that they post my album on Facebook or something. I like things to happen naturally I’ve learned that forcing stuff or trying to be in a scene doesn’t work for me personally. Like right now I’m listening to the Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin album, which I understand that not many people are interested in that, so I hang alone a lot.

JM: I feel like we’ve covered that so many times that I’m kinda eh, whatever really.

I hear a lot of R&B from the compilation and Green’s record, who do you guys think is the future of R&B?

BB: The future of R&B…. I would need to take like 9,000 ancient drugs to answer that question. *takes 9,000 ancient drugs* Looks like its Ska + R&B + Hoobastank.

JM: I don’t think any one person is the future of R&B but as far as the mainstream Jeremiah is amazing. Twigs and Kelela are killin it. The Rahel album we’re getting ready to drop is going to blow people away. The future is unclear but bright for R&B in my opinion.

How do you guys discover music nowadays?

BB: I recently re-downloaded SoulSeek after not having it for like 6 years and it’s still exactly the same and awesome. is another big one. All the usual blogs and sites we all read. YouTube sidebar being a constant source of inspiration. Also getting into labels and seeing what other stuff they are putting out. Discogs k-holes…etc.

JM: The Internet.  It’s like when I used to go to CD Warehouse or Cheapo Discs and just dig through CD after CD trying to find something cool. But now it’s weird little blogs and sites that just post music without any description and you have to go to some weird Russian site to download it..

What are you guys doing for the rest of 2014 at Lo Motion?

BB: Hopefully a The-Drum EP, Khallee’s EP, another compilation, parties in Chicago, and some shirts.

JM: Working on a bunch of releases. There’s the JODY EP that’s already done, then we got Khallee’s solo record, there’s the Rahel album, both Brandon and I have solo records in the can. A The-Drum album. Honestly way too much to list here.

This one is just for fun but if you can describe Lo Motion as a plate of food, what would it be and how would it be arranged?

BB: This.

JM: Sushi Boat surrounded by Durian and Rambutan

You can follow The-Drum on Twitter @TheDrumChicago and check out their label Lo Motion on Soundcloud.

About the author: Briana Cheng has a lot of feelings that she sometimes writes about but mostly she takes twitter screenshots of online dating apps, follow her @banacrisp.

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