FYF 2014: Festival Fashion Recap

This year’s FYF Fest in Los Angeles not only reeled in a stellar lineup and the freshest music, it also featured some unique fashion trends. From the fashion-forward to the retro influenced, check out our recap of the most interesting styles to grace the FYF festival grounds.

Day 1

The first day of FYF Fest came with a tight line-up, a new venue (Expo Park) and music lovers in their finest gear. Throughout the crowd, it was obvious no pattern was rocked more than the once lowly tie-dye. At FYF it showed up on bold tees on both men and women, with additional nods on dresses, socks, and scarves on women.






Day 2

The 90s-fication of the 20-teens continues with the resurgence of overalls at FYF Fest. Sunday brought more hot weather and a plethora of baggy vintage overalls with a distinct patina, worn (mostly) by the fairer sex. Words not usually associated with each other: sexy, baggy, and well-worn. Yet, these ladies mix up the perfect proportions and get it exactly right.





About the author: Based in SF, Mai deeply obsesses about music, fashion, art and social justice. Chances are high she’s photographed someone you know for her seven year old street style site, fashioni.st. More info than necessary can be found about her, here: about.me/mai.

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