DECK Out Your Dorm for Back to School

Ah, college. It’s perhaps the only time in your life when irresponsibility and mistake-making is not only permitted, but encouraged. With childhood in your rearview mirror and adult decisions looming in the distance, these four years are your time to experience independence, connect with others, and discover who you are in the process.

One college rite-of-passage? The humble dorm assignment. And by humble, we mean basic, monastic, and cramped (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who scored more modern digs). Either way, you want your space to reflect who you are, rather than feature a random collection of posters.

A few ways to deck your dorm in style:

Try removable wallpaper or decals. Just like some of the relationships you’ll have in college, you want the one with your dorm room to be commitment-free. Removable sheets of wallpaper and decals are an easy and affordable way to transform your space into something unique. There are even cool vinyl headboard decals if your room is bunk-free.


Image Source

Poufs are good. Okay, we get it—the name isn’t. But round floor cushions make it so that friends don’t have to stretch out on the floor when they drop by.


Image source

You’ll get more use out of washi tape than you will out of your anthropology class. This stuff is a dorm room staple. Use it to frame photos, edge bookshelves, create wall designs—the possibilities are as endless as they are cheap.


Image Source

Don’t forget function. Try lofting one bed and using the space underneath as a study area. And make sure you have a system to wrangle cords, or they’ll take over the room.


Image Source

No space is complete without music. Your college experience should have a soundtrack. The dorm room will be the site of late-night pizza binges, shared laughter with friends, and bleary-eyed study sessions. None of these experiences are complete without music. Our DECK wireless speaker features HEIST MODE™, which allows up to 5 friends to control the music. That means you can share your favorite finds or stop your buddy’s stream of Air Supply. Just like college, music connects people—and DECK is the ideal conduit.


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