Eden XO Summer Playlist

We recently got together with our favorite queen of Pop, Eden, for a little interview to discuss her future projects and what songs she’s got on repeat this summer. She’s done some crazy things, toured with the big names, and if her summer playlist tells us anything, this girl definitely knows how to have fun. So check out the interview and have fun jamming to Eden’s summer playlist:

SR: So let’s start with what you have planned for the summer. Any new releases, tours, or vacation plans you’re excited about?

Eden: I’m excited to release my first single this summer called “Too Cool To Dance” and I’m shooting a video for it in a few weeks in Palm Springs, it’s gonna be hot! (literally and figuratively)

SR: What has been the coolest summer music moment you’ve experienced recently? 

Eden: A few summers ago I got the chance to be on tour with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. It was the summer of a lifetime, playing huge crowds every night!

SR: Now let’s go back in time a bit. How did you get started in the music industry?

Eden: I started in a punk rock band called “Shut Up Stella”. We wrote songs about getting high and wanting Oprah to be the President. I don’t do any drugs for the record. I used to smoke pot because I thought it made me cool. That’s what you do when you’re 16 in a punk rock band.

SR: Who’s your current musical obsession? Anyone grabbing your attention these days? 

Eden: As far as new-ish artists go, I love Lana Del Rey. I think she completely revolutionized Youtube, and her music is pretty.

SR: Anything unique on your Tech and hospitality rider?

Eden: I’m pretty boring. Healthy food, maybe a little whisky. Nothing crazy. Sorry to disappoint.

SR: Nowadays, it seems difficult to separate Pop from all the Top 40 stuff you hear on the radio. As a Pop artist, where do you think the genre is headed?

Eden: I think Pop is sort of going everywhere because everyone is Pop. It’s becoming less of a dirty word. I think people are more interested in authenticity when it comes to new music and you can tell right away is someone is frontin’ or not.


SR: Give us a glimpse of what you have in the works right now. What are you working on right now?

Eden: I’m working on my EP and I also wrote a song for Kelly Clarkson’s new album, but I’m not allowed to say the title.

SR: Craziest backstage memory at a show?

Eden: Meeting Gwen Stefani recently at the Hollywood Bowl. She was like an angel floating on a cloud. I didn’t want to wash my hands.

SR: Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

Eden: I just like to stretch and kind of throw punches in the air like I’m Muhammad Ali.

SR: How would you describe your sound in two words? 

Eden: Retro-Fresh

SR: What does a day in the life with Eden look like?

Eden: It depends on the day…

SR: Where can we catch you next?

Eden: I’ll be announcing some shows soon, so follow me on my socials to see.

SR: You’re a seasoned musician now, so what advice would you give to the little guys that are just starting out? 

Eden: It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.

SR: A huge part of music these days is how you market yourself, what approach do you take to stand out from the others? 

Eden: I’m not good at that shit. I hate that shit, to be honest. I just like to make art.

SR: Technology is becoming more and more advanced everyday, making it easier for people to make hit music out of their bedroom. What are your thoughts on this? 

Eden: I think it’s rad. The next Quincy Jones could be in his basement now. But I still don’t think a computer can replace that feeling you get from actual instrumentation.

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