Artist Spotlight: Lazerdisk

Get ready to dive into a vortex of sound with Saviors of Sound duo Lazerdisk. With a signature sound seeped in bass, funk, disco and everything in between, producer pair Chad Bechard and Zack Johnson have created the ultimate musical brain child. The recent release of their new EP Mélange marks a new chapter in their sound that showcases a flawless blend of retro 80’s funk and modern hip-hop beats.

Take a trip through the space-time continuum with their funky EP:

We got together with Zack and Chad to talk about their current favorites, influences, and new release. Check it out:

Q: Imagine a crazy world where you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive. Who would you most want to work with?

DJ Khaled because he’s the best.

Q: We want to know what kind of stuff you guys are into. Give us your Top 5 songs that you have on repeat.

“Tomorrow Never Knows” – The Beatles
“Oh Comely” – Neutral Milk Hotel
Any song by Outkast
“Trapped in the Closet 1-12” – R. Kelly
“They Don’t Love You No More” – DJ Khaled

Q: Walk us through the origins of Lazerdisk. How did you guys meet? Was it love at first sight?

Lazerdisk was born in Burlington, Vermont. We both attended Jurassic Five shows when we were young lads and got inspired to get turntables and records.

Q: Which artists do you think we should be on the look out for right now?

Lido, Rytmeklubben, 813, Big Freedia, Nebbra, and Anamanaguchi because they are killing it and making their own sounds.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing on your Tech and Hospitality rider? 

One hobbit hug

lazerdisk melange

Q: Tell us what you’ve been working on recently. Any upcoming projects we should keep an eye out for?

We have a few collabs and remixes we’re really excited about in the pipeline. We just released our EP titled Mélange featuring collaborations with Craig Mitchell and The Knocks.

Q: Lots of artists have quirky pre-show rituals they’ll do to mentally prepare for the performance. How do you guys get pumped up before taking the stage?

We used to practice french, but not any more.

Q: You guys have such a unique style that’s sometimes hard to describe. Can you summarize our sound in two words?

Space vibes.

Q: Now let’s get into this new EP you just released. What was your inspiration for Mélange? 

Mélange was influenced by our vinyl collections and we’ve been collecting records since we were kids. The EP holds a bit of nostalgia for us. We’re really into old synths from the 80’s which can be heard throughout the album.

Q: Your sound has developed a lot in the last year. Can you describe how that evolution in sound came about?

What has happened is that we finally got comfortable in our own shoes. For a long time we would try to figure out what people wanted to hear and stuff like that, but we’ve realized that we have to kind of just pull from what inspires us, and just trust it. If you spend too much time obsessing over if people will like something, you kind of generalize a bit and get rid of all of the weird stuff that could make something really stand out. For the most part, we’ve been inspired by sounds from old vinyl breaks, vintage synths, video game music, and basically anything involving space, and we’ve always been trying to have our production rely pretty heavily on melody and harmony (with exceptions, of course). All of our drums are pretty much inspired old Timbaland and Darkchild stuff, but we also get into the more contemporary hip-hop/dance music percussion elements. We like to incorporate elements of nostalgia into our music, but we try not to rely on it so much that the music begins to solely focus on looking back while forgetting to look forward.

Q: With the rapid development of technological possibilities, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to make hit music out of their bedroom. How do you guys feel about this?

We think it’s great, thank you technology <3.

Q: Now that you two have really honed in on your own sound, what advice would you give to an up and coming artist that’s still figuring things out?

Zack: Read Art of Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland.

Chad: Don’t be afraid to be weird.

Q: So where can we catch you guys next?

Mishka LA for a T-shirt and hat collaboration launch party.

Stay tuned for more updates and music from Lazerdisk by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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