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August 1, 2013 –  SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola, a Google Company, are proud to announce the DECK portable wireless speaker.

Built on the companies’ mutual commitment for improving people’s music experience, DECK is the first and only wireless speaker featuring 360° Full Sound, 300-Foot Wireless Range and Heist Mode™, which allows up to five friends to simultaneously pair to DECK and take turns controlling the music. Music was meant to be shared and DECK is the first mobile speaker that enhances the shared music experience for everyone.

DECK Wireless Speaker

“Expanding beyond headphones has been part of our strategy since the company was founded,” said Scott Hix, President and Co-Founder, SOL REPUBLIC. “We believe in the power of music and wanted to create a mobile speaker that not only has big sound, but also enhances how people share music. And, like we did with headphones, our speaker has to differentiate the category. DECK’s revolutionary design, 360-degree powerful sound and Heist Mode redefine how music fans will use a portable speaker and make music social.”

With unique styling and the power of 360-degree Full Sound, DECK ensures music sounds loud and pure no matter where you are in the room. DECK is the first wireless speaker with Heist Mode, allowing up to five people to simultaneously pair to the device and control the music. Now everyone can be the DJ and “heist” DECK to share their favorite track or change it up with a different sound. Heist Mode is supported through Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) and allows for seamless pairing or super-easy “Tap and Play.” To show who has control of DECK, a backlit logo on the speaker changes colors as different users “heist” DECK with a new song.

“Motorola and SOL REPUBLIC share a passion for music and a mission to develop products that enhance the sound experience,” said Matt Vokoun, Vice President, Companion Products, Motorola Mobility. “Our first product created from the partnership, DECK, shows how much we can do together to create products that will change experiences for music listeners in ways they didn’t know were possible before, but won’t want to live without.”

Powered by R2 Sound Engines, DECK delivers full sounding music and maintains bass in a slim, portable design. Unlike other portable speakers that come with small speaker sound, the extra-large R2 Sound Engines combined with a bass port, high-watt amplifier, and huge lithium ion battery for power offer bigger sound than you would expect from a pocket-sized speaker.

Featuring Outdoor Mode, DECK allows you to press a button for a boost in sound that travels further when you want to listen to music outside. Plus, you can actually walk away from DECK and keep your device in hand with Super Power Wireless range, offering up to 300 feet of wireless range.

With stereo in and out ports you can connect DECK to your home or car audio system and use Heist Mode through your amplified systems. You can daisy-chain multiple DECKs together to create an unrivaled wall of sound. DECK even moonlights as a crystal-clear speakerphone as well so you’ll never miss a call. Use DECK nearly everywhere in its standard, acoustically-transparent case so you can protect it while you listen to it.

DECK is available for pre-order today at and will be at leading retailers worldwide, including Radio Shack, Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T and Target within the next 30 days for $199.99. DECK is available in multiple finishes including Gunmetal, Lemon Lime, Electro Blue and Vivid Red.

For more information about SOL REPUBLIC, its partnership with Motorola and full line of products visit or


SOL REPUBLIC is a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through style, sound and technology. Comprised of music fanatics, SOL REPUBLIC develops its products from the ground up to look, sound and feel unlike anything else in the market. For more information, visit


Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, creates smartphones, tablets and wireless accessories that simplify, connect and enrich people’s lives. For more information, visit


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