October 11, 2012 – Kicking off the collegiate season, SOL REPUBLIC enables the ultimate fan experience with its custom headphones. Celebrating the sound and style of Collegiate teams, SOL REPUBLIC introduces a new way to fly your colors.

Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC is proud to announce the release of its Collegiate Series of Tracks on-ear headphones. Combing sound performance that’s powered by V8 Sound Engines, which deliver deep bass and clear highs, with the colors, logos and spirit of a growing list of the nations top Universities, SOL REPUBLIC offers collegiate fans an entirely new way to celebrate their favorite team.

Tracks Collegiate

“College fans are deeply connected to their teams and we are just as passionate about connecting people to their music. We’re excited to offer a custom Collegiate headphone that celebrates the spirit of the fan with the unmatched in sound, style and durability of SOL REPUBLIC headphones,” said SOL REPUBLIC President Scott Hix.

Tracks Collegiate Series

Inspired by the devotion of collegiate fans who crave customization and team celebration in all aspects of life, SOL REPUBLIC designed its licensed Collegiate Tracks to pay homage to each University’s tradition and history and combine it with the cutting-edge approach that we apply to our headphones and sound technology. Based on the original SOL REPUBLIC Tracks platform, the Collegiate Tracks are the first fully interchangeable/modular headphones to feature incredible sound, style and durability. Designed for customization, Tracks & Tracks HD offer swappable “Sound Track” headbands and detachable cables with full mic/remote control, so you can easily change your headphone colors and styles during the off-season.

Beyond great style that can be easily changed, SOL REPUBLIC Tracks, which are also available in HD with amplified sound, address two of the most pressing concerns among headphone users today – durability and comfort. Constructed from SOL REPUBLIC’s proprietary new polymer called FlexTech, the Sound Track headbands are virtually indestructible – you can twist, bend and drop without worry. SOL REPUBLIC’s innovative 90-degree angle plug adds to their rock-solid durability. For the ultimate in comfort, Tracks ear cushions are designed to be extra-wide and lightweight. This allows users to enjoy unprecedented comfort because the larger surface area reduces the pressure on the ear, adding to comfort and ensuring the perfect fit. SOL REPUBLIC’s Sound Engines feature a unique tension mechanism that allows them to easily slide up and down the Sound Track headbands so they can be ideally positioned on anyone.

Additional Universities will be announced weekly at

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Collegiate On-Ear Headphones are available now at major campus bookstores, select InMotion Entertainment airport stores and at for an MSRP of $129.99.


SOL REPUBLIC is global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through better-sounding headphones. Comprised of music fanatics, SOL REPUBLIC develops its products from the ground up to make headphones that look, sound and feel unlike anything else in the market. SOL REPUBLIC has offices in California, Oregon and New York City and is developing an army of followers, fans and dreamers in its worldwide social media communities.

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